Polish sustainable manufacturer of clothing and home textiles from linen is seeking distributors

Polish sustainable manufacturer of female clothing and home textiles from linen focusing on eco-minded customers and respecting fair trade rules is seeking distributors.
This Polish company was established in 2018. They produce mainly female dresses and other pieces of clothing from high-quality linen. Recently, as a result of Covid-19 outbursts, they have started to sew linen home textiles such as cushions. Their products are inspired by forest, nature and forest undergrowth and are manufactured with great attention to detail. The company has got its own workshop. Due to a growing demand for their dresses, part of their sewing work is being outsourced. The items are designed by themselves and constructed by experienced with linen dressmakers. Currently, the selling is organized through their e-store, where they also trade with accessories of other craftsmen. They have no experience in foreign markets but would like to initiate collaboration with potential distributors. At first, the cooperation could focus on retailers and concept stores sharing similar values.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company seeks distribution partners interested in mid- to long-term distribution services agreement. The co-operation could focus on retailers, concept stores, e-commerce platforms sharing similar eco-values, requesting short series and small quantities. The volume might increase throughout time.
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