Portuguese company is looking for distributors for flour, pasta, crackers, rice and oil through distribution services agreements

Specialized in the production of culinary use flours, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies and olive oil, this Portuguese company from Madeira Island is searching for distributors, through distribution services agreements. From the simplest to the most innovative products, this company aims to have these introduced outside the Portuguese borders.
This Portuguese company, established in 1929, is one of Madeira's oldest companies related to the food sector, having already won several awards.. Since then, the company has come to occupy a prominent position in the development of the local economy. Its adaptability, resilience and innovation have made the company a reference in the food sector. Its growth, sustained over decades of activity, accompanied by the ongoing modernization of its infrastructure, was the result of a well-defined strategy based on four fundamental pillars: innovation, growth, leadership and quality. The company is specialized in the production of culinary use flours, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies and olive oil. Within these products the company successfully increased its offer, with innovative ingredients with high nutritional value, adjusted to the growing care of consumers in what concerns to healthy eating. Sweet potato flour, grape seed crackers and passion fruit cookies with chia seeds are some of the unique products that stand out in this company's production. The firm already exports some products, but believing in its internationalization potential, as well as in the quality of its products, it would like to find new partners that contribute to increasing its presence in other markets, in a sustainable way. For that, is looking for distributors to establish distribution services agreements, consisting in the distribution and commercialization of these products abroad, and contemplating a fee for future partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company would like to establish distribution services agreements with other companies specialized in the distribution and commercialization of food products, with good networks in their countries in order to introduce these products abroad. Once the company produces standard food products (e.g.: pasta, rice, flour), as well as variants with ingredients that confer distinctive characteristics (as previously described), potential partners can both be standard food distributors (e.g.: supermarkets) and healthy food and gourmet stores.
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Already on the market
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