Portuguese company seeks power generator distributors

Portuguese company that produces and sells a wide range of power generators and also standard solutions is seeking distributors. This company offers complementary services related to technical assistance or equipment maintenance.
Company from Portugal active in the production of a wide range of generator sets, in diesel or gas, is looking for international partners. This company started its activity in 1976, in Portugal, producing and selling a wide range of power generators, from 3 to 3500kVA, equipped with components of the best quality. The company has more than 24,000 sqm for the production of gensets, being able to produce standard solutions, as well as special projects of high complexity. They also offer complementary services related to technical assistance or equipment maintenance. The company is market leader in Portugal and it’s present in 70 countries. The power generators are available in open or soundproof versions, being fully customizable according to the client needs. It can also be included several extras like: - Supervision and data acquisition system (SCADA), which allows the control of the processes of factories, power plants, among others, as well as the communication with them, by obtaining, monitoring and processing data. - Human machine interface (HMI), which is a touch screen installed on the control panel that displays data in real time and allows the control of the equipment and processes. - Independent fire protection systems (PCI): detection and extinction. These fire-fighting systems are installed independently, one per container, and guarantee fast and effective protection of the equipment, in case of fire, without increased costs. - Large capacity fuel tanks and automatic fuel supply systems especially relevant in remote areas or large consumption needs. Also, the generators can be prepared to receive the supply from an external tank, automatically controlled by the generator’s controller. - Remote engine cooling systems through heat exchangers so that the generators can be placed in areas without air circulation, through the installation of heat exchangers and a radiator at a distance to ensure its correct functioning. - Black start systems to start up the turbines in case of a total blackout. These black start systems, work even in the absence of any external power supply, generating themselves the energy necessary to re-establish the power plant's grid. This company power generators can be applied in complex contexts like cogeneration systems, power plants, WWTP, or simpler solutions to provide power in case of power supply failure for industries, companies, data centers, healthcare units, as well as for areas where there is no other source of power like construction units, mines, railway or road infrastructures, among others. They are seeking for new distributors able to sell power generators and provide technical assistance. The company wants to expand its business and increase sales to other countries.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for international distributors focused on the power generators segment, able to sell and provide technical assistance when required. They would like to have partners with more complex projects that require the supply of generating sets systems, power plants, telecommunications, industrial units, etc.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The company has 45 years of experience in the market, being the leader in Portugal.
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