Qatar manufacturer of blown film extrusion & injection molded products is looking for distributors and trade agents

The company is one of the Qatari leading manufacturers of (HDPE / PP)-High density polyethylene/polypropylene and low density polyethylene/polypropylene (LDPE/ PP) binary blends. Its products are manufactured according to strict quality standards and comply with food safety standards. The company is looking for trade partnerships through commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.
This Qatari business began to work in the plastics manufacturing industry with a high quality output concept in 2004. When considering the rapid growth and growing competition in the plastics manufacturing market, their investment in advanced technologies and people continues to expand. The company is constantly working hard to deal with the fast, ongoing advances in the field of plastics manufacturing. We also rely on the concept of "added value" in their activities, which is not limited to competitive costs, but also requires fast reaction to consumer demands for high quality and characterized goods. It manufactures packaging which includes (but not limited to): - Low Density Poly Ethylene ( LDPE) Sheets - Construction Rolls - Plastic Bottles - Plastic Container - Plastic Lids / Re-closure - Shrink Wrap ( Sheet) - Garbage Bags / Trash Bags - Fruits / Vegetable Bags On Rolls - Agriculture Rolls ( With & Without UV) (Ultraviolet) - Plastic Bags ( LDPE / HDPE / PP) (High density polyethylene/polypropylene and low density polyethylene/polypropylene) - Shopping Bags Customized - Polypropylene Bags Customized The company is looking for partners to expand to other markets. It is interested in building long term cooperation with commercial agents and distributors willing to promote its products on local markets.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for companies from any size (SMEs, large enterprises and MNEs) operating in the field of production of dairy and beverage products, waste management companies, construction companies or any potential trade agents or distributors willing to buy and sell the company’s products on its markets using own distribution channels.
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