Qatari company in cloud based technology for event is looking for agencies and licensees in the technology for event sector

This Qatari based software company founded in 2014 is specialized in the development of interactive and engaging software for events. The company has developed a SaaS platform used to engage with the crowd during events. The company is looking for agencies and/ or licensees for its SaaS platform for events.
This Qatari software company founded in 2014 has developed interactive and intuitive software including many proprietary platforms. Usability and experience is at the forefront of the company development focusing on simplicity, cost efficiency, mobility and scalability. The concept is simple and allows an admin to create a “digital wall” onto which visitors will be able to write/draw/doodle with their smartphone The process is the following and everything is done online: - Create a digital wall (background picture / color or messages / dedicated area for messages…) - Publish the wall which generate a QR Code - Inviting people to participate by sharing the code or link - The users then scan the code with their smartphone and draw on a white page - then submit - The image appears on a screen showing the digital wall from a dedicated webpage Additional features include: - Ability for admin to monitor, remove, save what goes on the screen - Moderate any contents - Manage and publish many walls, layouts and number of signature - Download a high resolution (vector) artwork of the result and drawings The company is looking for agencies of SaaS platform services in different countries to enter new markets as the model and pricing has now been proven successful. The company is also interested to meet licensees for a license agreement to promote and sell this cloud-based platform service.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Qatari software company is looking for agencies specialized in software or business solutions provider, ideally working with clients introduced in corporate events, public events, graduations, exhibitions, live shows, weddings, pledging markets with crowd to manage. Licensing and promotion agreements accommodates revenue sharing on both exclusive and non-exclusive agreements.
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