Qatari manufacturer of polyethylene sheets PVC/uPVC pipes and fittings is looking for distributors.

Qatari manufacturer of a wide range of multi-disciplinary usages PVC electrical conduits and fittings like cable management systems, PVC pipes, civil applications and polyethylene sheets for construction is looking for distributors in all EEN countries.
This Qatari business is a producer of electrical pipes and fittings made of PVC. The plant consists of purpose-built state-of-the-art and cutting edge profiles and blown film extruders. They have ample capacity to satisfy all the demands of their business offerings. They are committed to meeting all trends and seasonal challenges.The company has a wide range of market offerings. - PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) electrical conduits and fittings: Their pipes and fittings have been licensed by the Public Works Authority of the State of Qatar. The company differentiated itself by having distinctive approvals with prestigious consultants working in the State of Qatar. Built on, tubing and fittings in compliance with British and European standards (BS EN 61386-21:2004 BS EN 61386-1:2008). - uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) phone duct pipes: The company manufactures UPVC phone duct pipes in compliance with national standards. They manufacture pipes in compliance with the following standards: 54D (96.5 mm- 5.8-Meter-Long- Black Color) 56D (56.5 mm- 3.0-Meter-Long- Black Color) They have the privilege of supplying their telecommunications duct pipes to high-profile ventures in the State of Qatar. uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) drainage pipes: The company has been awarded British & European Standards (BS EN 1401) for their drainage pipes by British Standards Institute (BSI). uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) soil-vent pipes: The company has been awarded British & European Standards (BS EN 1329) by InterTek Germany for its soil-vent pipes. In addition, the organization has engaged extensively in the Public Works Authority Highway and Road Project and has been involved in a variety of ventures. uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) high pressure pipes: The company manufactures high-pressure pipes (HP pipes) as per BS EN 3505 & 3506 specifications. The company produces high-quality and highly efficient high-pressure pipes up to 15 bar (Class-E) with a very strong demand in the State of Qatar. Such high-pressure pipes have multidisciplinary applications, such as landscaping, roads, irrigation networks, delivery of drinkable cold water, air conditioning drainage systems, piping systems for swimming pools, rainwater pipes and many other areas. They're making project and specific grades, and HP Pipes rings. UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) duct pipes: The company manufactures uPVC duct pipes as per Public Works Authority specific standards: 110 mm- 4”- 5.8 Meter (Golden Brown/Dusty Grey) 160 mm- 6”- 5.8 Meter (Golden Brown/Dusty Grey) Also, they are producing uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) duct pipes as per Qatar Construction Standards (QCS) whose compliance differs from project to project. uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) bends & couplers: The company provide bends of 30, 45 and 90 degrees, along with the couplers. Bends can be ordered of various sizes and angles as per project requirements. Polyethylene sheets for construction & general use: The company has state-of-the-art profile film extrusions for the manufacture of a wide range of polyethylene sheets (PE sheets) whose primary target market is the construction industry of the State of Qatar. In addition, they have a wide variety of target markets for their PE sheets. Many of them include event management firms, landscaping and fencing firms, painting firms and many others for general use. The Qatari company manufactures PE sheets of various sizes and gauges. The gauges range from 120 to 1200 and micron ranges between 30-300. The Qatari company is looking for distribution partners introduced in industrial sectors like construction, engineering companies, industrial enterprises, to conclude a distribution service agreement.
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Type: SMEs, large companies any type Role: The distribution partners should purchase the Qatari product to resell them further on the foreign markets via online stores or their trade network . The desired partner should have storage and transport facilities. The Qatari company is looking for distributors who are already active and experienced in selling industrial supplies.
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