Qatari paper manufacturing company producing paper with 100% recycled content is looking for distributors and trade agents.

This company is Qatar's largest Kraft paper manufacturer. It produces 100% natural recycled Kraft paper. This SME is looking to expand its international presence through commercial partnerships with distributors and / or trade agents having a good portfolio of clients in these types of markets.
The Qatari company is established as a paper manufacturing company. It can recycle all types of papers. Since 2014, it has worked towards creating an eco-friendly environment by providing quality services and solution to the corrugated carton industry. The company specializes in multiple product lines. To begin the process, all waste papers and cardboard boxes is collected from cages across Qatar. From that recyclable waste papers and cardboard boxes, Kraft paper is produced. The company produces 100% natural recycled Kraft paper (fluting & test liner paper) from Grams per Square Meter (GSM) 110 to 300. The annual production is 36,000 tons with two kind of shade producing, natural and brown. The test liners and fluting are both essential raw materials in creating new carton boxes. The company seeks to build an active community that cares about the environment and aims to strengthen public awareness, environmental protection through innovation and advanced technology to support the economic, social, human and ecological development of Qatar. It creates an opportunity for the educational institutions, corporate, general public entities and individuals to involve in the recycling process together. The company provides with strategic placement of around 1,500 recycling cages across Qatar and free of charge waste paper collection service. They do collect all types of waste papers such as cardboard boxes, books, newspapers, magazines, religious books, white papers and confidential documents. The company promises to handle recyclable waste paper in an eco-friendly manner and aims to provide extreme care with excellent service to the community towards preserving natural resources and keeping the environment clean. Willing to enlarge its portfolio of clients, the Qatari company is looking for partners such as trade intermediaries under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
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For the distributors: The Qatari company will provide commercial and technical documents, samples for them to prospect their home market. It will support the distributors by visiting them. The distributor will have an excellent network and expertise in the paper and Kraft recycled paper market. The dispatch product can be CIF or FOB. Distributors are expected to have a 6 months order or monthly order of Kraft paper roll, corrugated cartons and egg palettes. - Commercial agents are expected to fuel their trade channel network and bring their expertise as a strength to enter quickly into the national markets. The company will provide them with brochures, technical sheets, tutorials, samples that can be distributed for prospection & communication and will support by visiting the agent Potential partners should have experience, specialized staff and a good customer portfolio.
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