Qatari start up specialized in domestic LPG & natural gas leakage detection is looking for distributors and trade agents.

Qatari corporation is a manufacturing, hardware and software technology creation firm. That focuses on the research, design and manufacture of revolutionary technical goods. The first offering of the business is a LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) & Natural Gas Detector with a shut-off sensor attached to the smartphone device (IoT) for homes and industrial property. The company is searching for a relationship with retailers and sales brokers with access to markets in Asia, Africa and Europe.
This Qatari startup has created the first smart domestic LPG & Natural gas leak identification and shut-off network. Its clever and simple architecture is planned to make the user's convenience and peace of mind a top priority. This is made up of two units: 1. The LPG & Natural gas sensor. The sensor is capable of detecting any leakage of LPG or natural gas, alerting the customer, and issuing a order to turn off the gas flow directly after any leakage. 2. The shut-off unit. It has been ideally designed to suit the gas cylinder on top of the regulator and is compliant with a wide variety of clip-on LPG regulators. The shut-off device is responsible for the prompt closing of the gas flow when a signal has been received from the sensor. The startup have also created an app that alerts the user in case of leakage, allows the user to control the protection level of the atmosphere, the state of the battery and, most importantly, allows the user to remotely turn off the flow of gas with just one click, hence being one of the first wirelessly connected gas detection applications that allow integration with future or currently connected applications within the vicinity of home and other environments The startup is looking for partnership with distribution companies with access to markets in Asia, Africa and Europe.
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For the distribution services agreement: The distributors will have experience and access in home safety & technology devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics markets. These distributors will sell the products to electronic shops, hypermarket electronic home devices section, smart home automation companies, telecom companies, safety companies, tech companies, gas providers, or on specialized ecommerce platform. For the trade agency agreement: The Qatari company is expecting trade agents and sales representatives having ties with shops and distribution channels active in the fields of safety & technology devices for home / domestic use. The company looks for long term partnerships.
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