Quality plastic manufacturing, complex package of services is offered by Hungarian SME in the frame of manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

The Hungarian company offers its services in the field of plastic manufacturing, form tool making to injection molding and assembling in the frame of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement.
The fully Hungarian-owned company has combined quality production with professional responsibility in the past 30 years and has successfully extended its injection molding profile with mold design, mold making and part assembly to a complex, quality assured system. The innovation-based company can accept both small series commissions and mass production with the help of flexible production planning and a high level of automation. The SME's products are used in precision engineering, automotive industry, diagnostic equipment, sports and leisure equipment production. The company offers a complex service package in the field of plastic manufacturing in the frame of a manufacturing agreement or subcontracting. In the field of injection molding the company produces plastic parts between 2-650 cm3 injection volume from engineering plastics with 25-300 tons clamping force Battenfeld, Engel and Arburg injection molding machines. The SME undertakes plastic part production, multi-component injection molding, overmolding of cables and other sensitive parts, and cable processing. Injection molding technology is now evolving towards robotics, which enables a high quality 24-hour production. In the field of tool-making the SME uses CAD / CAM technology including CNC machines for laser welding, wire and block welding, to produce injection molding, die-casting, vacuum and deep drawing tools with reliable dimensional accuracy. The design is supported by injection simulation. The company also undertakes the maintenance and repair of injection molds and offers CNC machining, laser welding and mold making partial operations. The Maintenance Fast Track system used by the company ensures that any tool failures at the plastics factory can be repaired almost immediately, ensuring on-time production and delivery. In the field of assembly, the SME works with a new, self-developed assembly machine. Assembly tasks are carried out with automatic machine, semi-automatic and careful manual work. Satisfied clients of the SME are Samsonite and Knorr-Bremse Break Systems Ltd among others.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Hungarian company is looking for partners that are searching reliable quality and delivery in the following sectors: - Precision engineering - Electronics - Automotive industry - Production of diagnostic equipment, including healthcare industry - Sports and leisure equipment production - Travel accessories - Packaging technology - etc. Prospective partners are sought who are looking for a long term partnership in the EU.
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