A representative optical fiber producer in Korea is looking for medical equipment companies for licensing and technology cooperation of fractional flow reserve (FFR) system using optical sensor

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A Korean manufacturer of optical cable, optical components and sensor own Asia’s biggest optical cable manufacturing machine. In order to expand the application of their optical technology, they have developed a fractional flow reserve (FFR) system using their core technology in the optical sensor. The company is looking for licensing and technical cooperation with medical device developer in the field of cardiovascular diseases.
A Korean manufacturer of optical cable is a representative company in the optical industry and was established in 2001 in Gwangju City. Currently, the company is expanding its business to optical technology convergence and optical application sensor field. The global market scale of FFR System is 540 M USD in the Year 2018 and it is expected to grow at 10.5% annually until Yr. 2025 Starting in 2016, the company has been developing FFR System that could be applied in the healthcare fields. In this system, guidewire attached with pressure sensor is inserted in the blood vessel to accurately find the areas of stenosis by checking differences in the pressure. This technology is 5 times more effective in searching cardiovascular lesions compared to conventional angiography. Furthermore, it decreases the number of stent insertion by accurately diagnosing the area of angiostenosis and decreases pain due to stent intervention and medical costs of the patients. The company is the first one in Korea and 6th one in the World, to successfully develop a pressure sensor which has the thickness of only 3 strands of hair In terms of safety and certification of the technology, they have proceeded preclinical trials using big animals (pig) and tested on human body model by collaborating with big hospitals in Seoul. Aiming to launch a new product next year, the company is preparing domestic certification of medical device and is planning to proceed CE (Europe) and FDA(US) certification in the near future. Although the company has developed superior technology in the field of cardiovascular diagnosis, they are not specialized in making a medical device. Thus, they prefer to cooperate with medical device manufacturer in cardiovascular lesion diagnostic machine under technology licensing and technology cooperation agreement.
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- Type of partner sought: Company - Specific area of activity of the partner: medical equipment manufacturer (in cardiovascular lesion diagnosis) - The task to be performed: Technology cooperation, license agreement
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