Republic of Srpska manufacturer of paper bags for food industry and cardboard pizza boxes seeks distributors

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The company from the Republic of Srpska produces paper bags and paper boxes for pizzas in different shapes and sizes. The company is interested in establishing cooperation with European partners in the framework of a distribution services agreement. The quality is secured by the variety of applied standards, use of own materials and cutting-edge technology.
The company from the Republic of Srpska is a family business and it was founded by 4 brothers in 2007. The company has 18 employees. The main product of the company is paper bags (food industry) and cardboard pizza boxes. The company's main activities are related to the production and distribution of packaging (paper and cardboard) for the primary packaging of food products. For a short time, the company has become one of the most reliable packaging manufacturers and distributors in this part of BiH. After start success, the company decided to invest money in new and faster machinery for paper bags. Currently, the company has 3 machines for paper bag production and 2 machines for cardboard pizza boxes. This year, the company has successfully implemented the project of procurement and installation of the MATADOR NG machine and as a result of the installation of the machine, the company now can offer a new type of product: paper bags with transparent windows. The company has technical capabilities to manufacture such paper bags of various sizes. The company can offer to the market different sizes of paper bags with 3 color printing and a different size of cardboard pizza boxes with 2 color printing. The company is looking for distributors of disposable packaging for the fast-food industry (paper bags or cardboard pizza boxes), made from bio-degradable plastics or recycled materials under the distribution agreement. The company from the Republic of Srpska shall provide paper bags, cardboard packaging and the foreign partners should ensure these products distributed among foreign supermarket chains, smaller food shops, etc. The main aim of the cooperation is to expand the markets where a company from the Republic of Srpska can distribute its products under a long-term cooperation agreement. Products offered by the company are: - Cardboard packaging - Paper emblem - (High-density polyethylene) HDPE bags - Styrofoam packaging - Aluminum packaging - PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) packaging - (Polyvinyl Chloride) PVC foil - PA (Polyamide) / PE (Polyethylene) and heat shrink wrap bags The food products are the most widely used in the BiH region, so the company wants to emphasize cooperating only with suppliers that have patterns that their products are environmentally sound and can be used in the food industry. The complete range of products is from biodegradable materials and in the process of production, only water-coloring colors and adhesives that do not interfere with the human environment are used. The waste paper and paper from production are sent back to paper factories during the recycling process. They are looking for a partner to distribute their products to companies that need paper or cardboard packaging under a distribution agreement. The expected result is to develop new markets in Europe and increase the company’s income.
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Type: Manufacturers in the food, chemical industry segment. The company is interested in sales of various types of packages bags and looking for partners for sales of these products on the foreign markets in accordance with the distribution service agreement. The company is looking for distributors willing to distribute products of the company in their local markets. Desired distributors should have a good contact base and the ability to distribute products on a national or regional scale. The distributor should have a logistics network for their delivery to the consumer. The company is interested in cooperation with partners who will be responsible for selling the company's products and will inform the company about changes of the main tendencies (the market conditions and standards) on the EU markets. Role: The role of the partner sought is to promote and expand the products of the companies into foreign supermarket chains, smaller food shops, etc. The company offers to work under a distribution services agreement.
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