A Romanian advertising agency seeks international business partners under commercial agency agreements

Romanian advertising agency with 23 years of experience in this field offers a comprehensive variety of products and covers the entire spectrum of printing and advertising services, starting from concept and design, through production and finishing. The company is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign partners on the basis of commercial agency agreements. Also, it offers its manufacturing services to foreign partners looking for advertising materials.
The company was founded in 1998 and is located in the South-West Oltenia Region from Romania. Due to the skills of employees and innovative ideas, each product is carefully prepared according to customer requirements. Based on the experience of the employees and on the specific knowledge acquired over time, the company aims to satisfy, any need of the client, no matter how rigorous it may be, emphasizing therefore on the quality of the products and promptness The company is equipped with the latest equipment, such as laser engravers mechanical engravers press, ultraviolet light-emitting diode printer, solvent printer, which significantly improve the process of customizing objects. Considering the company's experience in the field of advertising, its products are of high-quality and in line with the new demands of the market, thus the advertising agency offers the following products and services: - personalized promotional materials - pens, lighters, T-shirts, caps, badges; - car decorations, showrooms decorations, etc. - illuminated signs - decorative products and promotional products - volumetric letters illuminated with leds or neon tube - large prints - banners, mash; - serigraphic printing, pad printing, laser engraving - import and distribution of equipment - ultraviolet light-emitting diode printer, solvent printers, laser engravers, badge presses - anti-covid products: customizable face masks, stickers The Romanian advertising agency is looking for commercial agents interested to promote the printed materials of the company to their network under a comercial agency agreement. Also, the company is looking for foreign partners that are interested in ordering prints, banners and other types of advertising products under manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for long-term cooperation with commercial agents for commercial agency agreements.The potential partner has to be well introduced in the local market, with an established network of potential customers. The agent's role will be to integrate the Romanian company’s products and services into their commercial offer and to identify and contact potential customers through a variety of sources with a view to supplying services on a long term basis. Also, the company is looking for partners that are in need of printing services, advertising materials, banners, informational signs and other advertising products. Partner can be from any industrial sector and can provide its own idea. In this case, the collaboration will be based on a manufacturing agreement.
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