Romanian company specialized in manufacturing of electronic power equipment such as industrial actuators, electric traction and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, offers it’s services within a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

Romanian company with experience on the electricity market is producing electronic power equipment such as static converters for industrial applications, for thermal and hydropower plants, for the surface mining industry, electric traction systems for trams, trolleybuses, subways, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for railway vehicles. The company is looking for cooperation with foreign companies on the basis of subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.
The Romanian company was founded in 1996 and in the beginning, it produced equipment for the mining industry and for thermal power plants. Over time, the production capacity was developed, it currently produces industrial power electronic equipment. Specifically, it produces heating and air conditioning equipment for light rail vehicles, under the license of an Austrian company. Therefore it complies with the high quality standards imposed by the large industrialists under whose license the local company operates. The Romanian company manufactures a range of electronic power equipment such as: IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifiers, frequency converters, starting devices for asynchronous motors with coiled rotor, automation cabinets for industrial applications, for thermal power plants, for hydropower plants or for the surface mining industry. The products are using the latest electronic power components (IGBT transistors, ultrafast diodes, transducers, etc.), thus their control and protection is done with microprocessors, electric traction systems for trams, trolleybuses, subways, as well as static converters. Also, the company is producing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for trams, trains or subway frames, both for the domestic market and for foreign markets through know-how partnerships with international companies. The production of such equipment made in south-west region of Romania is delivered to Austria, and from there they go to the final beneficiaries, who are some of the big industrial giants. Basically, the industrial air conditioning and heating equipment produced ends up equipping trams, trains or subway frames in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and more recently, in Dubai and South Africa at the National Railway Agency - PRASA. The Romanian company is interested in identifying new international business partners for whom to produce the equipment mentioned above, based on subcontracting or manufacturing agreements. The firm will complete orders based on clients’ specifications.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
In order to expand its business, the company, is offering its services to the companies operating in the same field or similar fields that needs the products described above, which are looking for partners to assign them a part of their business process or obligations through subcontracting agreement. Also, another type of partnership considered is the manufacturing agreement.
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