The Romanian company specialized in manufacturing of herbal health food supplements, is looking for European partners to sell its products under distribution services agreement

The Romanian company active in pharmaceutical industry is an important manufacturer of herbal health food supplements. It is looking for European distributors to sell its products under distribution services agreement.
The company was founded in 2002 and is one of the most appreciated Romanian companies for health and nutrition which manufacture herbal food supplements. The production activity is carried out in a hall of 4000 sqm. The factory is built according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) norms. All the technological flow is designed to avoid contamination of products, and the latest generation air filters have the capacity to retain microorganisms in proportion of about 100 %. The company has qualified and experienced staff in manufacturing of herbal products. The employees of the company collaborate with prestigious experts in the medical and pharmaceutical fields to obtain 100% natural, efficient and safe products. The Romanian company has a research and innovation laboratory. The activity carried out within it combines the traditional medical practice with the scientific practice in order to find relevant solutions for new and innovative products, based on their own studies. The company has so far obtained 75 registered trademarks within the Office for State Inventions and Trademarks. For the manufacture of herbal food supplements, the company uses plants obtained from its own or suppliers' bio crops and which go through a demanding selection process. Assiduously researching the unique composition of each plant and the way in which the active substances act synergistically in obtaining the positive effects on the health, the company has created natural, complete products, perfectly adapted to the human body. The Romanian company has over 150 dietary supplements for various therapeutic indications, such as immune strengthening therapy, maintaining gastrointestinal health and fatigue, pectoral protection, maintaining joints, muscles and bones in optimal conditions, maintaining cognitive and mental performance, managing hard, helps to numb and reduce jet lag, etc. The Romanian company considers that it has sufficient resources to get involved in other medium and long term projects. For this reason, the company seeks international partners to collaborate under distribution services agreement. The company is looking for distributors (chain stores, pharmaceutical stores, herbalists, health shops, detox clinics, naturopaths, etc.) who can take these Romanian made products and sell them in EU countries, under the distribution services agreement.
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The Romanian company is looking for partners from EU countries to collaborate for medium and long term, under distribution services agreement. The ideal partner should be a chain store, pharmaceutical store, herbalist, health shop, detox clinic, naturopath, etc. who can take these Romanian manufactured products and sell them in EU countries, under distribution services agreement.
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