A Romanian IT consulting company offers collaboration to foreign partners within outsourcing and subcontracting agreements

The Romanian company offers a full range of IT services: designing the structure and content and/or writing the computer code needed to create and implement, software systems, application development, backup services, operating systems, cloud infrastructure services, software applications, Database, web pages, adapting the software according to the specific requirements. The company seeks business partners for whom to provide IT services under outsourcing and subcontracting agreements.
The Romanian company is an IT consulting company that offers a complete line of services in the development and life cycle of software implementation, such as: all phases of software development, IT support and project management. The services offered by this company include testing and testing automation, software development, IT staff growth, project-based outsourcing, offshore and near-shore resource services, systems integration, custom development, financial and billing systems. , business process management, customer relationship management, data analysis and integration. The company experienced staff, IT engineers trained in European universities are able to work in various types of projects, such as web development, desktop development, reporting, business intelligence, etc. and in various development environments, such as: React, NodeJS, MangoDB, PostgreSQL, VueJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flutter, AWS, ObjectiveC, Swift. The company also has extensive experience in data warehouse management, business intelligence, reporting, billing, rating. The Romanian company wants to expand its services to new markets and to attract new international partners. The company is willing to work with foreign partners that need an experienced and stable partner in this field, but also with partners that need additional teams to implement projects. To this end, the company is interested in find long-term cooperation based on outsourcing or subcontracting agreements with international partners who have specific IT needs. Regarding the outsourcing agreement, the company provides the client with affordable means of completing their projects. Concerning the subcontracting agreement, the company completes the parts of the project the client has secured and will provide its IT services as a subcontractor, in cooperation with the business partner.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Romanian company would like to conclude outsourcing or subcontracting agreements with international partners who have specific IT needs. The suitable partners are entities working in any field of activity that are interested in IT services. The company is open to be a subcontractor of the partner that provides IT services such as: IT staff growth, software development and project management. The company is also looking for a partner who needs to outsource part of its production process.
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