Romanian manufacturer of mechanical constructions & machining services is offering its products and services under subcontracting and/or manufacturing agreement and/or joint-venture

The Romanian company is offering machining & welding services as well as mechanical constructions in small & medium series. The company aims to establish long-term partnerships through manufacturing agreement, joint venture agreement and/or subcontracting agreement with partners from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden.
The company, appeared in 2005 as a successful symbiosis between a Romanian company—founded in 1998—specialized in welded structures and mechanical constructions, and an Italian company—dated form 1984—with relevant experience in the machining field. Today, the company is considered a trusted subcontractor for important European companies that make special machinery constructions and fabrication lines, for various industries. The company produces machined spare parts, mechanical sub-assemblies and assemblies, but also welded structures and welded mechanical constructions. The Romanian company looks for long-terms partnerships with partners that have detailed, specific and fit-to its capacities demands and it is able to produce small and medium series, through: - joint venture agreement (the company is open to get involved in a new activity in the field of manufacturing of equipment and machinery, that could consist in offering new & more complex services/ products); - manufacturing agreement; - subcontracting – as subcontractor.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is interested in finding only direct producers (final clients) as future partners, preferably those are seeking to make a transfer of production, or are willing to find and develop opportunities together with the Romanian company. The types of targeted partnerships are, as follows: joint venture agreement, manufacturing agreement, subcontracting The company seeks for a partner who: - will use the products directly in the production process; - has important relevance on the market; - agrees payment deadlines of maximum 30 days; - a minimum volume of 5000 euro/month; - delivery deadlines of 6-8 weeks/order; - need works of medium-high complexity; - can maintain a constant rhythmicity of the orders. Through a joint venture agreement, the company hopes for international collaboration to further improve/innovate on its products or business. Manufacturing agreement: the company has the possibility to produce orders for third parties contracts for example mechanical constructions in small & medium series. Subcontracting agreement: the company might perform a part of a contract on basis of sub-contract. The company is ready to be a subcontractor and to take up orders according to the specified guidelines and requirements.
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Already on the market
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