Romanian manufacturer of unique in the world educational products for children aged 3-9 years seeks distributors and agents

A Romanian company is offering unique in the world products that are carefully designed and executed to help children learn while playing and also to reduce teachers' work. The educational products are designed to support Integrated Harmonious Education. The company is seeking to develop sales on international markets by finding business partners interested in distributing its products under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
The Romanian company was founded in 1999 with the mission to develop a new method of learning for children. The essence of the unique products is that by joining numbers and letters a new teaching method is generated that aims to involuntarily and logically memorize for children aged 3-9 years. The concept proposed by the company’s team starts from the association of the letters of the alphabet with the number corresponding to their position in the alphabet. Developed for the first time in the world, this concept of association graphic representation and involvement of work skills can be assimilated as a new method of integrated harmonious, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary teaching. This new teaching method is the concept that proposes to the teacher, but also to the parent, to understand that the game can be a good opportunity to learn. It develops cognitively through the process of easy long-term, involuntary memorization - through play. Through play (voluntarily) he discovers (involuntarily) ample knowledge and perceptions that will broaden their horizon of understanding and capacity for analysis. The materials are specially designed so that, through use, they create the bridge between the 2 cerebral hemispheres and, thus, allow the amplification of the process of understanding - discovery, and memorization based on the cognitive processes described above. The company's products are: • for teachers: mathematical alphabets, posters, nature’s calendars, didactic plans, pedagogical games • for children: magnets, stickers, educational games, notebooks, fractions, smart alphabet, alphabet with print images, poster A4 with letter and numbers, distribution table display, multiplication table, dry wipe magnetic liners The products are of different sizes depending on the age of the child, the material used is of a very good quality that will last long. Some products are dry writing /wiping: the pieces can be written and erased with whiteboard, water-based crayons and others include a magnetic surface display system for magnetic boards. The purpose of each product is design to teach the child through play different activities like following the rules, how to write and count, and all the operations following. Having received positive feedback regarding the products offered, the Romanian company is interested in expanding its client portfolio internationally, by identifying new distributors and agents. At present, the company distributes its products nationally, via e-commerce. Cooperation will be based on distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
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The company is looking to establish distribution services agreements and develop sales on international markets. Potential partners should have connections with distribution networks at the European level, which could help the company to introduce its products into their respective local markets. Also, the company is looking for commercial agents who are active in the creative industries field. Minimum distribution levels will be negotiated with each partner. The Romanian company will supply interested firms with details regarding the products offered as well as product photographs and videos. Cooperation with the potential partners will be based on distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
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