A Romanian producer of organic cosmetics is interested in cooperating with foreign partners on the basis of manufacturing agreements

The Romanian company develops and produces a range of all-natural body creams, including a premium 24k gold infused face cream that assists in counteracting the effects of aging. They would like to cooperate internationally by signing manufacturing agreements with partners from the European Union.
The 2017 founded Romanian company specialises in the creation and manufacturing of four types of all-natural body creams, as detailed below. The first product is a premium, day-care facial cream for women, whose formula includes an innovative, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle natural antioxidant, namely 24k gold, as well as a unique combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and the vitamins C, A and E that have an active hydrating and revitalizing ability, thus protecting and rejuvenating the skin. The product is based on the fast-absorbing smart technology, which means that the cream sinks in quickly and visibly transforms the skin for the good within 30 minutes from its application. The next three organic products are based on a selection of natural ingredients, each specifically chosen for its unique benefits. Thus, the aloe vera based body cream uses the gel-like components of the plant to address topical skin conditions and soothe the skin in case of burns or wounds. The cucumber based body cream is a 100% natural facial and body moisturizer. Due to its antioxidants and high amount of water, the cream has a cooling, calming effect and fights skin damage. Least, but not last, the honey natural body cream has both an intensively restorative and nourishing effect on the skin. The Romanian manufacturer is interested in taking its business internationally and selling its products on new, foreign markets. By concluding manufacturing agreements with partners from abroad, the company hopes to extend its client portfolio and contact network, to gain more experience in the sector of pharmaceutical goods and beauty aids and to steadily increase its revenue.
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The company is keen on concluding manufacturing agreements with business partners from the pharmaceutical industry and the wellness sectors (beauty and anti-aging) who have an interest in all-natural body creams. Potential partners are expected to discuss product specific (type of product, quantity, packaging etc.) and otherwise related details (financial info, delivery time-limits etc.) with the manufacturer before an order is placed.
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Already on the market
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