A Romanian specialised design company would like to collaborate as subcontractor with foreign partners

The Romanian company is specialised in residential and commercial interior design. They are interested in subcontracting their services to partners from the European Union.
The company was founded in 2019. They specialise in design creation for residential and commercial spaces. Execution projects normally undergo two stages, as follows: 1. the first stage includes professional services relating to on-site visits and space measurements; preliminary talks with clients which are meant to clarify and establish their requirements, style and expectations; drafted sketches which include furnishing and compartmentalisation indications; and the presentation of design concept moodboards. 2. stage two of the technical project encompasses the following services: presentation of the 3D images which display the final draft of the layout, colouring, furnishing, lighting and finishes; in view of space optimisation, the design team executes technical boards for wall claddings and modifications, the modification of door and window gaps, suspended ceilings and flooring; lighting scenario (switches layout, positioning of lighting fittings); socket redistribution/supplementation; technical boards with indications for colours, textures, forms, as well as material placing (wall and floor tiles, wallpaper etc.); technical boards for customised interior furnishing. The Romanian SME offers end-to-end solutions. Consequently, a company designated designer can accompany and assist the client in selecting final interior design materials, furnishings and lightings. As per clients’ request, company designers can also directly contact different suppliers of interior design items. Additionally, depending on the project in question, the company equally provides on-site assistance. This means they visit the yard, consult with the construction team in charge and amend potential execution flaws. They would like to take on bigger and more complex projects by cooperating with partners from the European Union. Subcontracting agreements are sought. By joining such cooperation endeavours, the company hopes to expand its business on foreign markets, to enlarge its client portfolio and contact network and gain insightful experience in terms of current trends in specialised interior design.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Romanian company would like to work on a subcontracting basis with partners who need specialised design services for either residential or commercial spaces. Potential partners are expected to provide the Romanian company with project-specific information (from the design concept to other, space or otherwise related technical details/preferences/expectations) prior to project commencement.
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Already on the market
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