Romanian trade company seeks distributors for cosmetic and cleaning products under distribution services agreement

A Romanian trade company offers cosmetic and cleaning products. The firm’s product portfolio includes quality cosmetic products for women, men, and children, as well as products under its own brand (therapeutic cosmetics and cleansing products). The company is interested in identifying international distributors for its own brand products. Cooperation will be developed under distribution services agreements.
The Romanian company was established in 2013, and specialises in trading cosmetic and cleaning products. The company’s product portfolio includes: - face and body care cosmetic products for women, men, and children (e.g. hand lotion and cleansing cream, soaps in different flavours, shaving cream, shaving foam, aftershave, talcum powder etc.); The company also offers products in the area of hand cleansing and therapeutic cosmetics under its own brand: 1. Hand cleansing cream – It is suitable for cleansing hands from oily and greasy substances resulting from operating in different industrial activities such as car repairs, factory work etc. The product in available in different quantities. 2. Therapeutic cosmetics – the Romanian company offers therapeutic remedies based on natural ingredients. Such remedies include: - body balm for external use with a cooling effect, suitable for muscular cramps and revitalising painful and tired body parts with the support of essential oils with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. - devil’s claw body balm suitable for aching body parts following intensive physical effort. It provides and analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. - chili-based cream for tired feet – the cream contains leaves extracts from red grapes and horse chestnut, as well as devil’s claw and chamomile. The cream is suitable for improving varicose veins. - calendula cream – suitable for treating dried, enflamed, or reddened skin, or in cases of rashes. Due to the calendula extracts, the cream has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, thus helping skin repair. The cream also includes Vitamin E which helps hydrate sensitive skin. The company currently addresses the national market where it has established a strong distribution network. Aiming to expand its coverage internationally, the company is therefore looking for international distributors interested in distributing its own brand products (hand cleansing and therapeutic cosmetics). Cooperation with interested partners will be based on distribution services agreements.
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The Romanian company wishes to expand the market for its own brand products by identifying new international business partners. The company is looking for distributors experienced in distributing cosmetic, therapeutic cosmetic and cleansing products. The company will provide interested partners with product details and an online catalogue. Cooperation with distributors will be based on distribution services agreements.
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