Romanian travel agency specialised in cultural and gastronomic tourism seeks partners for inbound tourism and incoming services on the basis of commercial agency agreements

The Romanian travel agency provides services focused on cultural and gastronomic tourism across the Romanian countryside, mountainous, seaside and Danubian regions. The agency is looking for European travel operators with whom to collaborate on the basis of inbound tourism. Commercial agency agreements are sought.
The 1994 founded Romanian company creates and offers tourists personalised travel packages particularly focused on cultural sightseeing and culinary tourism. Individual and group tours can be thematically organised across the country’s iconic cultural, artistic and archaeological destinations, as follows, but not exclusive to: - painted monasteries, medieval churches and wooden churches in Northern Oltenia, Northern Moldavia, Maramureș and Transylvania (part of the UNESCO world heritage); - medieval towns in Central Romania, Transylvania – visits to castles, fortified churches and centuries-old houses in Bistrița (Bistritz), Sebeș (Mühlbach), Brașov (Kronstadt), Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Cluj Napoca (Klausenburg), Sighișoara (Schassburg), Mediaș (Mediasch), participation in local, cultural and artistic festivals, crafts and sports alongside organised brunches (which include non-standard treats and dishes) and fairs with traditionally manufactured products, visits to local producers (including local farms where tourists can watch food preparations) - Romanian artistic and cultural personalities tour (from the sites where tourists can see the home and works of art signed by the famous Romanian sculptor Brâncuși to the picturesque Ipotești Memorial, once home of the uniquely distinct national poet Mihai Eminescu) - Traditional villages of Northern Romania (Transylvania, Apuseni mountains, Bucovina, Maramureș) – guided tours will include a particular accent on local cuisine and fine wines (some of the vineyards were first planted by Dacians – ancient inhabitants of Romania) - Architectural sightseeing (Dacian fortresses of the Orăștie mountains, listed as world heritage sites: Sarmizegetusa Regia, Costești-Cetățuie, Costești-Blidaru, Luncani-Piatra Roșie, Bănița, Căpâlna) - Touring experience in the Danube Delta - Europe’s largest wetland area – with emphasis on wildlife watching and the peculiarities of the ecosystem of the Delta, as well as on the Danube Delta gastronomy and fish culinary delicacies - Cultural and gastronomic tour of the capital Bucharest (some of the landmarks include the Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest museums – amidst which the Village Museum stands out as an outdoor museum where tourists can find over 60 real-size replicas of traditional Romanian village houses from more than 36 regions and parts of the country; food-tasting experiences – multitude of choices from authentic Romanian cuisine to international cuisine and street food). The travel agency is interested in signing commercial agency agreements with other, similarly business-oriented partners who would like to collaborate with the Romanian company on the axis of inbound tourism services. By joining such partnerships, the company hopes to diversify their client portfolio, enrich their experience in terms of market trends and expectations, as well as actively help boost national tourism.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for travel agencies specialised in promoting incoming services and developing customised tour packages for inbound tourism. They are interested in signing commercial agency agreements with European partners.
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Already on the market
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