Russian agency for the search and selection of various personnel is looking for foreign partners to conclude an outsourcing agreement

A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the search, careful selection and reliable employment of personnel and highly qualified specialists in various fields. The company has its own database of candidates from various industries, so it offers its services to foreign partners as part of an outsourcing agreement.
The Russian company from Moscow was founded in 2003. The company is a leader in the field of recruitment for both Russian and foreign companies. The company has a staff of employees in each area. Every year, the company's employees undergo advanced training and improve their skills in the recruitment process. The Russian company offers its comprehensive personnel search services in various fields. Each agency recruiter in the team is pumped for a certain direction and has all the necessary competencies. Thanks to this well-coordinated team, the company closes vacancies on average in 14-18 days. The company consists of various databases and has a total of 30 thousand different candidates with different levels of knowledge and competencies. The company searches for specialists taking into account hard and soft competencies so that they are exactly right for position. Each candidate for the vacancy is subject to rigorous selection. He passes an interview, a practical Technical task, and demonstrates his accumulated portfolio. After that, the candidate can go through another official interview with a potential employer. The company does not take an advance payment for the implementation of its services. The company pays only after the candidate leaves. The price of services is individual and depends on the specific request. If a candidate fails on probation, the company finds and selects a new candidate for free. The company can select employees for companies with different work formats, including those who are ready to cooperate remotely, without the need for an employee to be present in the office, and the company also carries out recruitment for outstaffing. The Russian company is interested in finding foreign partners to conclude a long-term outsourcing agreement. as a result of this agreement, the Russian company will provide a full range of services for finding, selecting, and arranging a candidate for a job. The Russian company will provide in-depth expertise and knowledge of the market. Thanks to a proven database, strict selection, the company have implemented more than 2000 thousand projects around the world.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SME, large companies, companies in need of new highly qualified personnel. Role: the potential partner will have to provide the necessary technical specifications for the selection of personnel according to the necessary requirements and standards.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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