Russian company developed an innovative technology of mineral coatings and is offering a commercial agreement with a technical assistant.

A Russian company from the Kaluga region is developing the technology of mineral coatings. This technology is an anti-friction wear-resistant coating, which is used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, energy, and oil and gas industry. The company is looking for foreign partners under a commercial agreement with a technical assistant.
The Russian research and production company from the Kaluga region was founded in 2015. The company has been awarded numerous awards won at international exhibitions. For 12 years of work, the company has developed a wide range of mineral coatings. The company has its own modern machine-building base in Kaluga with a total area of 2000 square meters. Great scientific potential and constant investments in research and development allow to comprehensively solve the tasks set by the company in various fields of activity. Currently, there are expensive and environmentally harmful technologies for the production of wear-resistant antifriction coatings (such as the production of mechanical seal elements of corrosion-resistant material) that are used in various industries. The Russian company has developed an innovative technology of mineral coatings. The novelty of the developed mineral coatings is confirmed by three patents, as well as numerous awards for the results achieved. The company has developed 4 types of coating 1. MWC is a wear-resistant combined mineral coating, which is performed on protective shaft bushings (jackets) running on water lubrication. 2. MWAC - Antifriction mineral coating. It is performed in order to reduce friction and create extreme pressure properties on shafts, rods, bushings and other parts. 3. MACR is an antifriction mineral coating with increased corrosion resistance. It is performed in order to reduce friction during the operation of a friction pair in an aggressive environment (salt mist, steam with hydrogen sulfide, etc.). 4. MWACT is a wear-resistant antifriction mineral coating for titanium alloys, which is used on titanium alloy parts operating under conditions of increased friction. The technology of mineral coatings makes it possible to significantly, 5-7 times, increase the resource of various parts, assemblies and mechanisms subject to intensive wear. It has found its wide application in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power engineering, shipbuilding, oil and gas and mining industries. The technology, in addition to the technical effect of wear resistance, makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of enterprises for spare parts, repairs and downtime of expensive equipment. Work is constantly underway to create new types of coatings in accordance with the individual needs of customer enterprises. In addition, only environmentally friendly minerals of natural origin are used for the production of coatings. During the production of coatings, no damage is caused to the environment because the production is environmentally safe (there are no harmful emissions, drains, drains and waste) The company is actively present in the international market. Contracts have been signed with the world's leading concerns for the use of mineral coatings in manufactured products to increase reliability and competitiveness in the market. In the future, the company plans localization in Germany. The company is looking for a foreign partner from various fields of industry to conclude a commercial agreement with a technical assistant. The company offers the technology for purchase on a non-exclusive basis. This will contribute to the maintenance of technology transfer with the provision of additional support services. The purpose of the agreement is to enter a new foreign market and expand the geography of technology application.
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Type: SMEs, large companies, companies from metallurgy, oil and gas industry, mining industry, etc. Role: a potential partner will acquire innovative mineral coating technology from a Russian company and will also be able to obtain special conditions for an agreement with the company.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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