Russian company is interested in finding foreign suppliers of medical components for the production of various types of catheters

A Russian company plans to launch the production of medical catheters. The company is going to produce a central venous catheter (CVK), a PICC catheter, a catheter for hemodialysis, a high-flow CVK. The company is interested in finding foreign partners who will supply medical components: syringes, needles, plugs, scalpels, etc. Cooperation will be based on the conclusion of a supplier agreement.
The Russian company is a leading distributor of medical devices and medical equipment. The main principle of the company's work is an integrated approach to providing medical and preventive institutions. The company's partners are the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices and medical equipment. At the moment, the company is considering the possibility of opening a Russian catheter production in the following types: central venous catheter (CVC), PICC catheter, hemodialysis catheter, high-flow CVC catheter. The production of catheters will be based on the purchase of all necessary components, assembly, packaging, labeling, sterilization of them in Russia with the status of a Russian manufacturer. A full-fledged production base will be organized in Russia, which will combine full-cycle technologies with the assembly of medical devices. In the future, the company plans to produce some of the components itself. The estimated production volume will be 292,180 units per year. Potentially, the products will be sold on the Russian market as well as to the EAEU countries. The company plans to develop sales in the international market of medical devices. The company is interested in finding foreign suppliers of medical components. The company is looking for manufacturers who will be able to supply us with complex medical components of these products separately. The company will turn the supplied raw materials in Russian production into a ready-made medical product (catheters). At the same time, the most important thing is the high quality of the catheters themselves. Plugs, scalpels, syringes, clamps - the requirements for these products are less strict, and the company is ready to consider the most economical options in their regard. Cooperation with the Russian company and suppliers will be based on a supplier agreement All supplied products must be delivered in specialized batches in a sealed form. The supplied products must comply with the ISO standard and certification. More precise terms of delivery and volume will be discussed with the first potential partner.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SME, large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices, components, equipment. Role: Based on this agreement, the potential supplier will have to supply the Russian company with medical components for the production of catheters in the prescribed volume and on time.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The Russian company considers manufacturers and suppliers of the following types of medical components: syringes with a volume of 5 ml; needles with a length of 7 cm; scalpel; caps for heparinized solution; occlusive clamps; marked nitinol conductor 0.035 inches with a J-shaped tip. It is also necessary to have a winged catheter retainer with side holes for ligature fixation. All medical products must comply with safety requirements and be hermetically packed. In addition, the products must comply with ISO standards and certification.
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Concept stage
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Secret Know-how
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