Russian company is ready to offer its services in providing methodological assistance and consulting in the field of metrology based on the conclusion of an outsourcing agreement

A Russian organization offers services in the field of accreditation of any measuring equipment and systems (voltmeters, microscopes, pressure sensors, total stations, etc.) and in the field of calibration and certification of measuring equipment. The company is looking for partners within an outsourcing agreement. In accordance with Russian legislation, these procedures are compulsory for the implementation of measuring equipment in the country.
The Russian company from Moscow with more than 10 years of professional experience provides services in the field of type approval of various measuring equipment and its verification in the Federal Agency. The company also conducts accreditation procedures for companies (wishing to produce in Russia) in the Russian Federal Accreditation Services. Such equipment includes cardiographs, measuring transducers, pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, gas analyzers, current meters, medical measuring devices and others, more than 3000 items in total. In order to legally import/produce and sell measuring equipment in Russia, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements of Russian legislation. First of all, when importing the measuring equipment to Russia, the certificate of the Rosstandart must be received to approve the type of measuring equipment. Also for the subsequent sale of such products in Russia, it will be necessary to verify them in accredited laboratories. In addition, it is necessary to issue a certificate/declaration of conformity for the products. If imported products have not been previously included in the Russian state accounting, then it will be necessary to calibrate and confirm the metrological measurements of the products to declared standards. The Russian company offers to the foreign manufacturers and suppliers of measuring instruments to assist in the rapid receipt of all necessary documents for the import and sale of measuring instruments to Russia on the terms of the outsourcing agreement, and in case of need to accredit the company in the Federal Accreditation Service of the Russian Federation. Thanks to these agreements, the goal of the Russian company is to conclude new long-term relationships with foreign partners and to increase profits.
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Type: small, medium, large companies, universities, institutes Role: to receive assistance from the Russian company on the terms of outsourcing agreement for obtaining permits for import and sale of measuring instruments in Russia
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