Russian developer of a dry magnetic flaw detector for scanning defects at industrial facilities is looking for foreign distributors

Russian company engaged in the development and production of a dry magnetic flaw detector for scanning pipes. This equipment allows to manually scan and detect metallurgical, construction, and operational defects. The company is interested in finding foreign partners to conclude a long-term distribution services agreement.
The Russian company is a market leader in the development and production of equipment for non-destructive testing. The company has developed innovative equipment dry magnetic flaw detectors. The dry magnetic flaw detector for scanning pipes is designed for non-destructive testing of the main and auxiliary equipment of oil and gas production complexes. Scope of application of flaw detectors during repair and restoration work or during routine diagnostics of the technical condition of: trunk, field gas and oil pipelines; main product pipelines; vessels and reservoirs. The equipment is a block-modular design that allows for a high degree of maintainability in the field, which is especially important for the use of a flaw detector at oil and gas pipeline transport facilities. The body of the device is made of shock-resistant material, providing high structural strength. On the front part of the housing, there is a code input unit for saving the scanned section of the pipeline. A gyroscope is installed on the board itself, which provides control of the position of the flaw detector on the pipe body. The sensor unit is located on an external spring-loaded base and is closed with a decorative protective cover. The dry magnetic flaw detector allows the processing of the collected information and notifying the operator about the detection of potentially dangerous defects in real-time. Also, the equipment has a minimum weight and dimensions in non-destructive testing devices of this class and reduces the cost of time and money when preparing the object for diagnostics. The convenience of working with the device consists in automatic registration of the spatial position of the flaw detector and operation without recharging the battery during the entire work shift. Reduction of time and transportation costs during diagnostics for the transmission of scan results to the workplace of the flaw detector using "GSM", "GPRS". Dry magnetic flaw detector is widely distributed not only throughout Russia but also in foreign countries. This equipment is used at the largest gas, oil, and industrial facilities. The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from oil and gas production complexes to conclude a distribution services agreement. The company is ready to supply its equipment in the agreed volume and on time. All necessary documentation will be offered with delivery. The equipment has foreign and Russian certification. The Russian company strives to distribute its equipment to the foreign market. The purpose of the agreement is to enter a new foreign market, increase exports and profits.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, distributors from the oil and gas sector, retail chains, companies engaged in the installation and dismantling of pipes. Role: in accordance with the distribution services agreement, the potential partner will have to deal with distribution in its foreign market. A partner can distribute Russian products between their client profile.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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