Russian developer of an IT platform for X-ray and CT analysis using artificial intelligence is looking for partners to conclude a licence agreement

A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in innovative developments in the field of IT. The company has developed specialized software for X-ray and CT analysis using artificial intelligence. The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude a licence agreement.
A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions based on artificial intelligence. Based on its many years of experience, the company has developed many IT solutions for the retail industries, banking, medical, etc. The company cooperates with leading medical and scientific centers, thanks to which the impeccable quality of IT products is achieved. The company offers a developed IT platform for the medical field. The platform is able to analyze X-rays and CT scans using artificial intelligence. This IT platform was developed in order to detect at an early stage: pneumonia, COVID-19, cancer and other diseases in patients. The platform is designed for doctors, especially to reduce medical errors and time spent on the analysis of the EMC (electronic medical card of the patient). In addition, the platform allows doctors to generate personal recommendations for the prevention of diseases of the patient. IT platform can be used for health care organizers. Thanks to the use of this platform, it is possible to reduce human morbidity and mortality through the identification and epidemiological monitoring of high-risk patients. The key functionality of the platform is to identify pathological changes that indicate an inflammatory, oncological or tuberculous process in the lungs. The platform also provides a system for supporting medical decision-making, predicts the development of diseases, reduces the time for interpreting medical data. The IT platform can be implemented in medical institutions and installed on a doctor's computer. To log in to the platform, doctors need to log in and get all the settings from the developer. The platform language can be set individually for each country. The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from the medical field to conclude a license agreement. The licensor will grant the rights to use the intellectual property and development to the licensee. This license agreement stipulates the amount of the licensor's remuneration and the possibility of making changes. The result of this cooperation is the establishment of long-term partnerships and the distribution of licenses for the platform in other foreign countries.
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Type and Role of Partner Sough: Type: SMEs, large companies, companies from the medical field, centers for supporting people's health, IT developers. Role: a potential partner will be able to purchase a special license for the implementation and use of the platform.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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