Russian manufacturer of healing ointment is looking for distributors

A small innovative company from Russia develops and produces an ointment that promotes fast healing of different wounds (treats open wounds, stalled wounds, and infected wounds) according to the GMP, ISO standards and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. The company is searching for partners to cooperate within the framework of distribution services agreement.
The Russian company has been specializing on research and development activities in the sphere of biotechnology for more than 10 years. In 2017, the company registered its own production site for manufacturing cosmetic and medicine products based on its own technology. At the moment, the company produces a universal wound-healing product for cosmetic purposes, not a medicinal product. The ointment developed by the Russian company contains three active substances that are effective, safe and authorized for use in cosmetics in Russia and the EU. The mechanism of action is aimed at restoring the matrix of the skin, the effect of bio interface. The composition does not contain antibiotics, but does not allow reproduction of harmful microflora. The ointment restores the structure of the skin matrix (the basis of the skin tissue) due to a complex of molecules embedded in the structure of the skin, and the ointment also promotes multiplication in the skin tissue of fibroblast cells, components that heal the wound, which promotes early wound healing. The shelf life is 2 years, storage conditions at room temperature. The ointment has shown an excellent effect in the opinion of more than 1 thousand consumers and experts in the field of healing: chronic wounds, trophic and diabetic ulcers, long-term non-healing wounds in the elderly, frostbite, purulent wounds, diabetic foot, hemorrhoidal fissures, furunculosis, as well as in postoperative, domestic wounds and cuts. The product has won silver and gold awards and medals in India, Belgium, Italy, the USA, Korea, Poland. The products are packed in plastic packaging, the net weight of the ointment is 60 grams. The production capacity and the company's financial resources allow the production of any quantity of products. It is possible to manufacture under the private label of a foreign buyer (private label) in any kind of packaging, at the request of the customer. Ointment is not a medicinal product and is registered in Russia as a cosmetology product. If necessary, the company is ready to register the drug as a medicinal product according to the requirements of any foreign legislation. The Russian company is looking for partners specializing in the distribution of cosmetics. As part of the distribution services agreement, the foreign partner will have to promote and sell the products of the Russian company in foreign markets. The Russian company is ready to consider cooperation with pharmacological companies for the purpose of registration and distribution of the drug as a medicinal product. All terms of delivery, price, logistics and other issues will be discussed personally after the first dialogue with a potential partner. as a result of this agreement, the Russian company will increase its exports and enter new foreign markets, and the potential partner will expand its product line.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, the company operates in the field of cosmetology. The role of the potential partner: To buy Russian products for its further distribution.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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