Russian manufacturer of plastisols is looking for distributors.

The Russian company is specialised in the development of individual recipes for plastisols (PVC pastes), mastics and finished products based on them for the needs of the customer. They are looking for partners for the sale of its products abroad in the framework of distribution services agreement.
The Russian company from Tver, which had started operations in 2014, specializes in the production of plastisols (PVC paste), which are used in the manufacture of artificial leather, floor and wall coverings, conveyor belts, automotive and building mastics, front control panels and armrests in the cars, as well as shoes and toys. The company develops individual formulations of PVC pastes, mastics and final products on the basis of the customer needs. Current production capacity, - up to 1 thousand tons per year. The company plans to reach the 4 thousand tons per year.The company uses only quality raw materials, purchased from the reliable suppliers. In the formulations, the following raw materials are used: plasticizers, thermal stabilizers, dyes, fillers, stabilizers, soot, etc. As part of the agreement on distribution services the company is looking for trading partners abroad. The partner must have approaches to the companies interested in purchasing the products. The result of this agreement is, for the company, expansion of the sales market, increase in profits, and partner - profit from the sale of the company's products. The company is focused on long-term partnership, since long-term contracts allow to predict the activities of the organization, plan costs and profits.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partners: SME’s, large companies. Field of activity: The partner must have approaches to the companies in particular for the production of linoleum, vinyl wallpaper, awnings, toys, clothing and footwear, the manufacture of anticorrosive, sealing, abrasion-resistant, antinoise and insulation coatings, automotive and textile industries and help increase sales of products. Partner's role: To obtain the company’s production for further distribution
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Already on the market
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