Russian medical company is looking for suppliers of contour breathing tubes in rolls

A Russian company is engaged in the production of medical equipment. For its production purposes, the company is looking for reliable manufacturers and/or suppliers of tubes for the breathing circuit in rolls. Cooperation will be based on the conclusion of a supplier agreement.
The Russian company is a leading distributor of medical devices and medical equipment. The main principle of the company's work is an integrated approach to providing medical and preventive institutions. The company's partners are the world's leading manufacturers of medical devices and medical equipment. The Russian company is the largest distributor of medical equipment and also has its own production. A full-fledged production site will be organized in Russia, which will combine full-cycle technologies with the assembly of medical devices. The company is interested in finding reliable suppliers who will supply breathing circuits in rolls. The breathing circuit is an air duct connecting the patient's breathing mask with inhalation anesthesia or artificial lung ventilation devices. The supplied breathing circuit must be of two sizes - adult and child. The tube volume is from 10 to 22 mm. Breathing circuits should be universal and compatible with most artificial lung ventilation devices. The company plans to independently model the supplied breathing circuit in rolls according to the required length. The Russian company is ready to purchase at least 200,000 meters per year. Also, deliveries should be accompanied by a constant increase in volumes. All supplied raw materials must be certified and have ISO standards. The Russian company plans to cooperate on the basis of a supplier agreement. A potential partner will have to deliver their products in batches on time and on time. More precise volumes and delivery dates will be discussed personally with a potential partner.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SME, large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices, components, equipment. Role: Based on this agreement, the potential supplier will have to supply the Russian company with medical components for the production in the prescribed volume and on time.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The Russian company plans to purchase breathing circuits in rolls from foreign manufacturers or suppliers. The breathing contour roll should be in two sizes: adult (22 mm), child (15 mm). The diameter of the tube should be 10/15/22 mm. The breathing contour tube must be made of medical grade EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) +PP(polypropylene) material. The length should be 3 m. The number per year is at least 200,000 meters with an annual increase in volumes. The equipment must be of high quality and comply with quality standards
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Concept stage
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Secret Know-how
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