Russian producer of ceramic insulators and substrates for various industries is looking for distributors

A Russian company from Novosibirsk has production technology of ceramic insulators for various purposes in different industries. The products are made of various types of vacuum-tight ceramics and used for vacuum arc-extinguishing chambers, cases of power semiconductor devices, electron-optical converters. The company is looking for foreign buyers/partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The Russian company from Novosibirsk was founded in 2011. For 10 years of its work, the company has become a leader in nanostructured ceramics production in Russia. . The company develops and produces products for industries like defense, power (including nuclear power), radio-electronic, chemical, petrochemical and healthcare. The production capacity of the company is 1000 tons of ceramics per year. The company offers ceramic substrates and insulators for electronics, electrical engineering and energy, as well as ceramic elements for valves. The products are made of various types of vacuum-tight ceramics, which have high electrical resistivity, mechanical strength, and dielectric parameters. The production line includes insulators for vacuum arc chutes, electronics insulators, insulators for electronic optical converters, and other products from technical ceramics for various industries. Ceramic insulators for vacuum arc extinguishing chambers are intended as insulating material, which is included in the complete set of vacuum switches, load switches. Insulators for the housings of power semiconductor devices are designed for the manufacture of power semiconductor devices (diodes, thyristors) of high-voltage converter devices. Insulators of electron-optical converters are used as an electrical insulating material for night vision devices consumed by the military product's market. The main element of the night vision device is an electron-optical converter (EOP), which amplifies light and, in addition, turns infrared light into visible light. Main technical characteristics of the products: Density, g/cm3 - 3.67; Percentage of Al2O3, % - not less than 94; Porosity, % - no more than 0.02; Bending strength, MPa - at least 310; Relative dielectric constant, Hz - no more 1*106. Metalized coatings provide the possibility of components hard brazing from stainless steel, nickel alloy at t = 850-900 °C. There are the following variants of applied metalized coatings: Nickel (3÷12 microns), Copper (3÷300 microns). The coatings are applied to the metallization sublayer. The company conducted independent tests at the Institute in Dresden, Germany, on the thermal conductivity of ceramics. The quality of the company's ceramic products meets the highest international quality standards set by consumers. The Russian company is looking for foreign buyers/partners from the electronic, mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries to conclude a mutually beneficial distribution services agreement. The Russian company is ready to undertake obligations for the delivery of products to a potential partner. The goal of cooperation for the company is to enter a new foreign market and conclude new long-term relationships.
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Type: SME, large companies, companies from the electronic engineering, petrochemical industry Role: a potential partner will have to take responsibility for the distribution of Russian products on its foreign market among the portfolio of potential customers. Also, if necessary the partner must represent a Russian company and its product on the foreign market.
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