Russian producer of drying chambers for plastic, which are used for 3D printing, is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian company from the Moscow region is developing equipment for 3D printing. The company has developed a drying chamber for preparing plastic for printing. The drying chamber allows to remove excess moisture and provides high physical characteristics of future products. The Russian company is interested in finding foreign partners to conclude a mutually beneficial distribution services agreement.
A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the development and production of equipment and materials for 3D printing. For more than 14 years, the company has been a market leader in the production of professional printing equipment. The print quality depends not only on the characteristics of the printer. The strength of the product is formed already at the stage of storage and preparation of plastics for work. There must be no moisture in the materials before printing. A Russian company offers a drying chamber for drying plastic. The drying chamber is designed for the highest-quality listening of thermoplastics before printing. The large dimensions of the working area, the use of vacuum technology and many functions make this camera indispensable in industrial production. The chamber accommodates up to 4 standard coils weighing up to 2.5 kg or metal coils. The dimensions of its working area are 370×464 × 340 mm, and the total volume of the working chamber is 0.06 m3. The camera body is made of structural carbon steel 08 ps, and the working chamber is made of stainless steel. The weight of the device is 105 kg. The drying chamber uses efficient vacuum drying technology. This rapid drying occurs along the entire section of the plastic thread. The temperature in the chamber can be adjusted from 40 to 150 degrees, depending on the requirements imposed by the manufacturer of a particular plastic. The maximum degree of air dilution that is achieved in the working chamber is 0.3 atmospheres. A touch-screen display is used to control the drying chamber. In addition, the sensors of the degree of vacuum in the working chamber and temperature control provide automatic control of the degree of vacuum and maintain the set temperature value without allowing deviations. Russian drying chambers are used in many printing industries not only in many regions of Russia, but also in other foreign countries. All production complies with standards and certificates. The company is interested in finding foreign partners and distributors from the field of printing, architecture, design for the conclusion distribution services agreement. The Russian company will deliver its products to the partner exactly on time. The terms of delivery will be negotiated with the potential partner personally. The company's goal is to enter a new foreign market and increase exports and profits.
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Type: SMEs, large companies, companies distributing printers, printing materials, special printing equipment Role: a potential partner will have to distribute Russian products in its foreign market. Also, if necessary, the partner must represent the Russian company in the market.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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