Russian producer of high-strength steel profiles is looking for distributors

A Russian company from Vladivostok, specialized in the production of zinc-coated steel structural shapes for the construction of apartments and private houses, factories and plants, is looking for foreign partners to conclude distribution services agreements.
The Russian company from Primorsky region specializes in production of zinc-coating steel structural shapes is one of the leaders in production of structural shapes in the Far East region. The company was founded in 2012 and is located Vladivostok. The company supplies zinc-coating steel profiles not only throughout Russia but also abroad. The company makes structural shapes of high-strength galvanized steel from 0,9 mm to 2,0 mm thick. Profile width from 92 mm to 306 mm, width of the flange is 41 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm. Bilateral zinc covering with 275 of g/m2 provides reliable protection of steel of profiles. For the production of profiles, the company uses hot-dip galvanized rolled steel, thin-sheet galvanized steel with a first-class zinc coating thickness and other imported rolled steels that meet the requirements of the quality standard. The company produces about 36 tons of zinc-coating steel structural shapes a month. The company has developed a full cycle of manufacturing the building frame from galvanized steel structural profiles. In the production process, the company uses American equipment from, which guarantees the high quality of its products. Using of the hi-tech equipment in production of structural profiles and the specialized software in design allows to count loadings and to optimize metal consumption of frames of buildings. The quality control operating at the enterprise allows using rationally resources that carries to lowering of prime cost of products. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production, so if a defect is detected in production, the products are immediately filtered out. Zinc-coating steel profiles are used in the construction of individual houses, cottages, townhouses, low-rise buildings, hangars and warehouses, industrial and agricultural buildings , etc. The products have received an international classification. The company is interested in finding partners from construction sphere (real estate development companies, shops of construction materials, architectural companies, design companies etc.) for signing a distribution services agreement. In the framework of the agreement the partner is expected to obtain the company's production for further distribution on the foreign market, the Russian company is ready to undertake the organization of transportation, using services of third-party carriers. The quantity and conditions will be discussed with each partner individually. As a result of cooperation the Russian company will get an opportunity to enter a foreign market, expand its brand recognition and get regular orders for its production from the foreign partner. The partner will get a reliable supplier of high-quality products and expand its product range.
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Type: SMEs, MNEs. Partner's role: a potential partner from the construction industry will be engaged in the distribution of Russian products on the foreign market.
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Already on the market
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