Russian producer of lamps is looking for distributors

A Russian company engaged in the production of lamps for residential and public buildings, lamps for outdoor and street lighting is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The Russian company from Penza was founded in 1951. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment in Russia. The company produces lamps of various types: LED lamps, household and office wall and ceiling lamps, interior, wall, table, and hanging lamps and chandeliers, outdoor cantilever lamps, industrial hanging lamps, etc. The company also produces more than 1,500 thousand diffusers that are used in the production of finished lamps. The company buys all the necessary materials for the production of lamps (glass, accessories) from Russian and foreign manufacturers. The company has more than 10 production bases, which are located in several cities of Russia. The company has a large fleet of equipment for the manufacture of lamps. The company employs highly qualified specialists who annually undergo advanced training and participate in international forums. Thanks to their experience, specialists can perform complex technological processes, such as sheet metal stamping, plastic injection molding, and powder coating. The production is also equipped with all modern equipment from European and Russian manufacturers. Also, there is a special workshop in the production, where many technologies for processing are used for decorating lamps. Depending on the task, employees can paint the lamps with special paints, hand-painted or decorate with a decal. All products are manufactured by the ISO quality standard. The company has quality management that carefully checks each product for defects. During the year, the company produces more than 4 million different types of lamps, which are sold in the CIS countries and Europe. The company's partners are more than 300 companies, both the largest distributors of the lighting market and regional wholesale companies, as well as representatives of network retail, project, and tender partners. The Russian company is interested in finding partners from industrial enterprises, the production of lighting equipment for the conclusion of a distribution services agreement. As a result of this agreement, the Russian side will deliver products to a potential partner on time and without delay. The expected result of cooperation for the company is the expansion of the trading network, the partner will receive a completely new product in the range of products. The batch size and other delivery terms will be discussed after the first contact.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner: SMEs, large companies, companies engaged in the production of lighting equipment, industrial enterprises, construction companies. Partner's role: in accordance with this agreement, the potential partner will have to represent a Russian company for the production of lighting equipment in its market. The potential partner will be engaged in the distribution of Russian products on the foreign market. In addition, the partner will be required to distribute the delivered batch of Russian lamps to interested foreign companies. The partner must have experience in the distribution of similar products. 
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