Russian producer of materials for 3D printing is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian company from Moscow is engaged in the development of high-quality materials for 3D printing. The company produces special photopolymers for both desktop 3D printers and industrial ones. The company is interested in finding reliable foreign partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.
The Russian company started its work in 2017 after 5 years of research in the field of polymer chemistry in Moscow. The company has developed and has its own innovative production of high-tech materials for 3D printing. The company offers photopolymers for desktop 3D printers, as well as for industrial 3D printers. The company has released a series of photopolymers designed for printing on SLA and DLP/LCD printers. These polymers have an excellent composition, as well as different physical and chemical properties. The range includes basic photopolymers, as well as resins, which acquire special strength characteristics when solidified. Photopolymers are odorless and do not contain toxic components. That is why this material can be used in rooms with natural ventilation - at home, in educational institutions and in the office. Photopolymer has a low viscosity, so it is easy to work with it. A shrinkage of less than 1% allows make a model as close as possible to the initial 3D layout. Finished products made of photopolymers have good rigidity, so they are not easily damaged when removed. Photopolymers have a precisely verified composition that allows solve different user tasks. The company's product line also includes photopolymers that print using SLA technology. These photopolymers have several colors, which allows to implement any creative ideas of the company. The product has high strength and resistance to abrasion during drying. The finished products are resistant to temperatures up to 100 ° C, so the resin can be used when creating silicone casting molds. The photopolymer is also odorless and does not contain any dangerous components. Especially for industrial use, the company has released photopolymers of a special series. This product is compatible with any industrial and semi-industrial equipment, so it is suitable for various fields of production, science and engineering. In addition, the company has developed a special series of polymers for CJP printing. The special composition of polymers helps to extend the working capacity of the print head, ensures the stability of printing and allows to store the material for a long time. There are 5 colors in the line. Engineering photopolymers make it possible to create parts with different physical and mechanical properties at enterprises of various purposes. The company has a branch not only in Russia but also in Latvia. The company exports its products to more than 65 countries around the world. The Russian company is interested in seeking foreign partners from various industries to conclude a distribution services agreement. As a result of this agreement, the company will supply its products in sealed plastic containers. The delivery will be made from a Russian warehouse or from Latvia. The company will also deliver its products in exact volumes and on time. The result of this agreement is an increase in the company's exports and revenue.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, companies that distribute products for 3D printing. Role: A potential partner will have to deal with distribution in their foreign market. In addition, the partner will have to represent the Russian company at specialized events and exhibitions.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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