Russian producer of nanostructured ceramic products for medical purposes is looking for foreign distributors and buyers.

A Russian company from Novosibirsk is engaged in the development and production of ceramic medical devices. These products include knee joint replacementprostheses, and femoral head balls for hipreplacemet purposes that can be supplied separately or as a part of the endoprosthesis. The company seeks to find reliable buyers or partners within the framework of the distribution services agreement.
The Russian company from Novosibirsk is the only manufacturer of advanced nanostructured bioceramics in Russia. The company is engaged in the production of bioceramics, which can be used for medical purposes (prostheses, implants, and their elements). The company offers a ceramic femoral head ball, which is used when replacing the hip joint in a patient. The ceramic heads are made from zirconia toughened alumina, and fully compliant with ISO 13485 standard. The ceramic head is compatible with endoprostheses of any world manufacturers. Also, the head has such qualities as wear-resistant, biocompatible, non-allergenic, bioinert, which contributes to minimal complication in patients. Aluminum zirconium oxide material characterized by hardness and has improved durability and crack resistance quality. The material has unique combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties: o material hardness, surface wettability, high purity surface treatment. The company produces ceramic heads of different diameters (from 28 to 40), cones ( 12/14) and neck lengths (from S to XL). The compressive loading of ceramic heads to failure testing on ceramic heads was performed in the international laboratory. The femoral ceramic head ball is able to withstand static load force 8-10 tonnes. The ceramic heads comply with the requirements set by FDA. All tests were done in accordance with world standards ISO 7206-10 and ASTM F2345-03. The ceramic head is used in various hospitals not only in Russia and more than 5,500 hip replacement operations have been performed using a ceramic head. The company also offers a knee joint replacement prosthesis. Knee joint replacement restores a knee musculoskeletal function. The knee joint consists of articular surfaces made from a biocompatible ceramic material that is not subject to corrosion, not cause rejection and is non-allergenic. The unique future of knee prosthetics is the innovative advanced ceramic lining. When testing artificial joint under load, the joint was able to undertake 10 years' worth of bending. The development of knee joints is a mixture of best worldwide practices of knee prosthesis applications together with the advantages of ceramic on polyethylene bearing surface combination. The Russian company is looking for reliable foreign buyers and partners from the medical field to conclude a distribution services agreement. The company will deliver in certain volumes and terms. Also, all products will meet the logistics requirements for their complete sterility. The potential partner will receive products with all the necessary technical characteristics and test results. The goal of the Russian company is to enter a new foreign market and distribute its products there.
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Type: SME, large companies, companies from the medical field engaged in the manufacturing, selling, distributing and supply of various medical components, prostheses, other equipment. Role: in accordance with the services agreement, the potential partner will have to familiarize with all the properties and technical characteristics of the ceramic head. The partner will also have to deal with distribution in its foreign market.
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