Russian producer of paper and packaging products is looking for foreign partners within the framework of a distribution services agreement

A Russian company from the Kaliningrad region is engaged in the production of paper and packaging cardboard products, from 100% raw materials. The company produces products in various volumes and sizes. The products have passed Russian and international certification. The company is interested in finding partners and distributors of paper for packaging production within the framework of a distribution services agreement.
The Russian company from the Kaliningrad region was founded in 2019. The company operates in the field of paper and packaging production. The company has a staff of highly qualified specialists who annually take part in various exhibitions and improve their qualifications. The company has its own production facilities and has modern production equipment. The company offers a nomenclature list of paper products for industrial, commercial, printing enterprises and the production of cardboard packaging that meets the highest requirements. The company produces paper and cardboard with dielectric properties, resistant to moisture and high mechanical loads. In addition, the paper is produced in different thicknesses, volumes and sizes. Almost all products are made from 100% cellulose without the addition of chemicals. For packaging purposes, the company produces kraft paper (both for technical purposes and for the food industry), wrapping paper, lining cardboard and other materials. Paper and cardboard can be produced in several colors brown and white. This provides a wide range of visual design options, including coloring and applying printed images. Delivery of products is possible in rolls, sheets, and rollers up to 1600 mm thick. The company also offers cardboard packaging that is resistant to moisture and high temperatures and resistant to tear loads. The company sells cardboard boxes for individual order with full-color printing. It is possible to produce products of any complexity on individual projects with the development of an individual design. Packaging printing is carried out in a full-cycle printing house, and the printing itself can be accompanied by almost any printing services and solutions. The products have an ISO quality certificate, which confirms the efficiency of the enterprise and its continuous improvement. High-performance production facilities and strict control allow us to offer high-quality products. The company's products are in demand not only in the Russian market but also in other foreign countries. The Russian company is interested in finding foreign European partners and distributors of paper for various purposes and packaging production with the conclusion of a distribution services agreement. The Russian company will supply products to a foreign partner in certain volumes and on time. The purpose of this agreement is to enter a new international market and increase profits and exports.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, distributors of paper, cardboard packaging. Role: a potential partner will have to distribute Russian products in its foreign market. The partner can distribute among the portfolio of their clients and have experience.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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