Russian producer of tachographs is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian developer and manufacturer of unique electronic products offer tachographs. This equipment provides continuous, uncorrectable registration of information about the speed and route of vehicles. The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude a distribution agreement.
The Russian small enterprise from Moscow was created in 2014. The company produces more than 800 types of products. Highly qualified developers and programmers allow the company to create products that are competitive on the world market. All products are exported to 30 countries and sold to more than 3,000 Russian companies. There are sales offices in Russia, Germany, Dubai and Bulgaria. The company has several factories in Russia and 1 in Bulgaria. In the near future, production will be established in Germany. The total production area is more than 150 thousand sq. m. All plants are equipped with high-tech equipment that ensures the production of products on a full cycle. The company owns more than 200 patents and a number of well-known trademarks, has more than 200 licenses and certificates for individual products and product series. The Russian company offers tachographs. The tachograph provides continuous, uncorrectable registration of information about the speed and route of vehicles. The device is designed for installation on wheeled vehicles of categories M2, M3, N2 and N3. The tachograph has been fully certified for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles. The operating conditions of the device are: air temperature, °C: -40...85; relative humidity at a temperature of (40 ± 2) ° C, %: 95 ± 3; vibration with an amplitude of 10 mm at a frequency, Hz: 11. The dimensions of the tachograph are 210x190x65 mm and weighs 0.7 kg. The tachograph combines two devices: on the one hand, a digital tachograph, and on the other hand, the presence of a GPS receiver and a GSM modem in it. This allows the tachograph to be integrated into an intelligent transport system without the need to install additional satellite navigation equipment. It is possible to connect a wired or wireless headset to provide voice or "hands-free" communication in the cab of the car.High data transfer rate, allows to download information from the tachograph memory to an electronic medium (USB flash drive) for the last year of operation in a short time. The Russian company seeks to find new foreign partners from various fields to conclude a distribution agreement. The Russian side will supply its products in boxes in order not to damage the device. The purpose of this agreement is to enter new foreign markets and increase exports of products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: SMEs, large companies, companies engaged in the distribution of electronic products, distributors from the automotive sector. Role: a potential partner will have to deal with the distribution of Russian products on the foreign market. The partner must understand the technical characteristics of the device.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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