Serbian company 3D printing illuminated signs, casings, covers, biocompatible elements and objects made by advanced materials looking for manufacturing or research cooperation

Serbian SME, active in 3d printing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, has developed a procedure to print illuminated signs, casings, covers, and objects. The company can print 3D objects for different end-users by its own equipment, enabling the rapid creation of a prototype, testing, and production of small series. The company is looking for partnerships under manufacturing or research cooperation agreement.
A Serbian SME is active in the scientific field of mechanical engineering and especially in the development of specialised 3d printing tools. The SME was founded in 2015 and has participated in the realization of several domestic and European projects on the topic of additive technologies. The principal motive for the Serbian company is the implementation and optimization of applied research leading to added value production of components. To fulfil this aim, the Serbian SME pursues the latest developments in prototyping, it acts as a distributor of major 3d printer brands and printer components in Serbia, and it runs 3d printing studio. The company has developed a procedure to print illuminated signs. The components that already produced with this method will aim for three specific areas of application that represent certain market segments: innovative information communication, interior design, cultural heritage - replacement of broken parts, and advertisement. The company produces also prototypes for the machine, automotive and computer industries. The company can also print biocompatible materials for application in dental medicine and as part of prosthetic devices. Existing commercially available products or components in those areas can be eventually replaced with more cost-effective super-light solutions with better endurance offered by the company. Their activities are complementary to conventional prototyping processes, exhibiting time and cost advantages, and as such are considered as the forefront of the next industrial revolution. The Serbian SME aims to establish long-term technical and business collaborations in technologically advanced prototyping and design sectors, building partnerships under manufacturing or research cooperation agreement. The equipment owned by the centre consists of high-resolution 3d scanners and 3d printers such as FDM and SLA, these devices are handled by trained and professional associates with extensive experience. The SME is looking forward to establishing technical cooperation with other companies, SME or industries involved in the material sector that need a custom made solution, which can be achieved with the implementation of customised 3D printing technologies, to cooperate under manufacturing agreement. The company is experienced in this field, as has already collaborations with local industries in research activities. Additionally, the company’s development team is very experienced in the design of 3d printers and it is looking for research partners active in the field of material science or developers of new applications of 3d printers, to collaborate on new product development, under research agreement. The company collaborates has grown out of the material testing laboratory of the university and has the know-how to act as a service provider partner in a research project, offering technical solutions related to the optimization of the production process, quality control as well on testing services in the material sector.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for partners in the field of innovative visual communication solutions, interior lighting, cultural heritage - replacement of broken parts, and advertisement, adjacent fields of construction, machine, automotive and computer industries, as well as, prosthetics and dental medicine, i.e., in all areas who have the need for rapid prototyping and reverse design or engineering. The desired cooperation can be either under the frame of a research program or directly through a manufacturing partnership. In both cases, the company aims to establish lasting collaborations in technologically advanced sectors. The company is looking for partners who have already started developing a technological innovation/novelty in the field of dental medicine and prosthetics. The company could for the partner in the framework of research cooperation agreement design, develop, and produce biocompatible parts or devices used in dental medicine or prosthetic devices. In addition, the partner could benefit from the support services of the company for both the design and/or the characterization of the structure (e.g. mechanical) in form of a research cooperation agreement. Regarding the manufacturing agreement, the company is looking for partners in the following areas to cooperate: (a) printed lighting systems The Serbian SME is looking for a partner (company and/or academia) which is involved in designing visual communication solutions, interior lighting, and advertisement. The goal is to achieve flexibility in terms of design, testing and fabrication of small series, to fabricate highly competitive products capable of outstanding performance and lower cost compared to products available on the market realized with conventional manufacturing methods. (ii) prototypes for the machine, automotive and computer industries: The company is looking for collaboration with companies, which are producing equipment needing test of casing or human interface in the development phase. The company has the potential to produce both simple and complex shapes in terms of geometry, but also with enhanced mechanical properties, as well to minimize the required production steps of the partner involved and to adapt to its production lines for on-demand services with minimum costs.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The company is on the market from 2015 continuously expanding its client base and range of 3D printing services. The company prints 3D objects for different end-users on its own equipment and offers services of rapid creation of a prototype, mechanical quality testing, and production of small series
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