A Serbian company specialized in gas shock absorbers and related equipment for vehicles looks for distributors, commercial agents, and also offers manufacturing agreement

A Serbian company is specialized in manufacturing gas shock absorbers and gas shock absorbers with brakes making about 2000 different models. Its products are used in the automotive industry, furniture industry, and agriculture. The company has also the capacity to manufacture specially designed orders. It looks for distributors and commercial agents and also offers manufacturing agreements.
The Serbian company was established in 1970 and is the leading gas shock absorber manufacturing companies in South-East Europe. In 2008, successful privatization was carried out of the company. Since then, the company has been constantly developing and refining the production process, as well as adapting to modern requirements. The company is currently able to make more than 2000 different models of gas shock absorbers. The company has been producing gas shock absorbers for the automotive industry, furniture industry, agriculture machines, etc. The company produces shock absorbers for all major car brands. The company constantly develops new products on demand of the market or end-users. The company has implemented stringent quality control procedures and gives a two-year warranty on gas shock absorbers. All gas shock absorbers are inspected and tested before dispatch, to ensure that only high-quality products leave the factory. In endurance tests, the company's gas shock absorber achieves more than 40,000 cycles. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents in neighbouring countries (Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia). In the framework of the manufacturing agreement, the company can make shock absorbers according to special requirements in addition to shock absorbers that can be found in their catalogue. The company is looking also for a manufacturing agreement with partners from neighbouring countries and also from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia due to their proximity and pool of potential industrial customers. The company has a dedicated team of engineers that can work together with the client on technical details in the planning phase.
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The Serbian company looks for distributors and commercial agents, with contacts in the automotive, furniture, and agricultural machinery sectors to increase sales of its products abroad and enter new markets. More precisely, the company seeks commercial agents who can successfully represent the Serbian company in local markets. The partners' role will be the promotion of their products in the respective markets. The company also looks for importers and distributors under a distribution services agreement to distribute its shock absorbers as spare parts. Also, a collaboration could be envisioned with spare parts supplier or retailer dealing with complementary products. Furthermore, the company is willing to manufacture specially designed products ordered by companies, producers, manufacturers etc., under manufacturing agreement. The Serbian company aims to increase its market share in foreign markets by establishing long-term cooperation with relevant partners. The target countries are for distribution and commercial agency agreements are in the vicinity of Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia. The company is offering a manufacturing agreement with partners from outlined neighbouring countries and in addition from Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia due to their proximity.
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