The Serbian research and development SME is offering research or technical cooperation in the field of fracture mechanics

A Serbian research and development SME, a spin-off of a mechanical engineering faculty, aimed at the experimental and numerical research of fracture damage of parts, welded joints and materials, offer specific know-how and expertise to companies developing, producing, and maintaining structural parts (powerplants, railway, automobile industry, etc.). The SME is offering research or technical cooperation in the monitoring and estimating of fatigue lives of machine parts.
A Serbian SME is a spin-off consultancy company of faculty od mechanical engineering that develops and offers tailor-made solutions to parts and materials testing and characterization. One specific area of activity is offering expertise related to developing, producing, and maintaining structural parts in powerplants, railway, automobile industry, etc. The company is offering research or technical cooperation in one of its core activities - monitoring and estimating fatigue in parts, welded joints, and materials in general. The Serbian SME has extensive experience in materials testing methods, monitoring, and estimating of fatigue lives of machine parts. The reparation by welding of damages due to the loads or corrosion is also part of the expertise of the company. Dynamic forces and moments generated in service of those machines may cause damages to their materials, a phenomenon denoted as material fatigue. The numerical models are giving only a part of the information when and where it will occur, so it is necessary to verify experimentally and monitor important machine parts or their models. Also, for the same reason before a serial production estimation of structural fatigue life is a must. Standard fatigue tests are carried out on testing specimens under a single harmonic loading process. Sophisticated tests respect it in a proportional or non-proportional loading. The experimental data support the computer models to obtain a reliable fatigue life prediction. The company is also developing efficient technologies for welding reparation of damages and part of its activities is technology transfer and training in this area. The core team of the Serbian SME has a long track record and experience of more than 30 years in the materials sector, working for research institutes, faculty, and as a materials consultancy spin-off. Competencies are available for commercial power plants and transport applications. This experience is based on a large variety of projects performed for those research institutes and companies. The Serbian SME offers its expertise on structural materials aging and materials degradation and is looking for research cooperation in the monitoring and estimating of fatigue lives of machine parts.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner: • Research Institute • Industry Field of activity partner: • Car manufacturers • Railway operators and maintenance companies • Power plant operators and chemical industry • Materials development • Materials production Role of partner: Firstly the companies that provide technical maintenance services for infrastructure, industry developing new projects or upgrades, and thirdly, research cooperation for partners able of executing technology transfer or joint development of new applications. The task to be performed by the partner sought: for partners belonging to the first and second group that is the acquisition of offered custom technology, and for the partner belonging to the third group, it is the ennoblement of successful contacts with their partners or clients which belong to the first two groups. An international project consortium with different complementary partners and roles is also a possibility.
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Already on the market
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The research institute offers know-how and experimental methods processed on a computer-controlled testing system containing uniaxial testing machines, bi-axial testing machines (for combined loading). Additional free-standing actuators serve for testing of real structure parts when simulating real loadings in operational conditions.
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Secret Know-how
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