Singapore-based automate halal documentation consultant firm offers its services to European partners under a licensing agreement.

The Singapore company offers a wide range of Halal services in Singapore, such as Halal consultation, lab testing, Halal auditing, and Islamic-related business advisory services. Through a licensing agreement, the Singapore business hopes to provide its services to European partners in order to expand outside the Asia market.
The company founded in 2017, which is headquartered in Singapore, specialise in providing global halal data infrastructure that connects and digitises both the supply chain and certification platform internationally, ultimately providing true traceability and ensuring food security, safety and assurance. The Singapore company has demonstrated how to integrate the Halal Industry for Industry 4.0 and strive to build a cohesive ecosystem from farm to fork, providing easy access to assured halal products and services for all consumers by using deep technology to simplify the process of obtaining halal certification. Their assurance traceability management system is a digital solution that streamlines halal processes through daily business operations processes, reducing confusion and complexity of applying, maintaining, and renewing halal certification. The Singapore firm intends to provide its services to European partners, particularly those in the halal food and beverage suppliers, retail food and beverage industry, central kitchen business, and food and beverage manufacturers. The Singapore company wishes to offer its services to European partners in order to assist them in filling out their halal certification application and avoiding errors that can cause the application process to be delayed if the halal certification conditions criteria are in accordance with the Islamic law are not met.
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The Singapore company intends to provide its services to European partners that are well connected to the Muslim food establishments and beverage industry sector to facilitate their halal documentation application procedure. Halal food and beverage suppliers, the retail food and beverage sector, the central kitchen business, and food and beverage manufacturers are all included. The Singapore company will offer its consultancy services via a license agreement.
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