Singapore manufacturer and distributor of artisanal gelato, premium commercial ice cream, and gourmet desserts seeking European partners via distribution service or manufacturing agreement

This Singapore company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of artisanal gelato, premium commercial ice cream and gourmet desserts. The company wants to have its products sold across Europe and is looking for partners for doing so through a distribution service agreement. Through a manufacturing agreement, the company may also OEM (original equipment manufacturing) several of its products, such as ice cream sandwiches, food service tubes, ice cream in pints size, and ice cream cups.
Established in 2012, the Singapore company began by selling their flagship product to customers: their ice cream sandwiches, which are made up of two house-baked cookies and a scoop of premium ice cream, making it a fairly ideal treat. Their ice cream sandwiches are currently available in 9 flavours, including 2 dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan alternatives. To meet the growing consumer demand over the years, the company decided to expand their business and extend their production line, and they decided to set up a small factory and begin ice cream manufacturing in 2014. During the same year, they introduced new products to the market such as cookies, cakes, and gelato ice cream. In 2016, the Singapore-based company also introduced gelato pints and ice cream cakes to provide their retail customers with more options and variety. Today, the company offers the following: 1) Ice cream sandwiches. Their ice cream sandwiches are made from scratch in Singapore. The cookies are freshly baked in-house before being hand-scooped and paired with their freshly churned ice cream. Vegan dark chocolate, coconut, pistachio, milk and cookies, double chocolate, strawberries and cream, mint chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, toasted marshmallow, and early grey tea ice cream sandwiches are among the flavours offered. 2) Ice cream cakes which serve approximately 8 to 12 people. Classic onde onde, tiramisu, strawberries and cream, double chocolate, cookies and cream, marshmallow, and chocolate hazelnut are among the cakes offered. 3) Baked goods which include their classic chocolate chip cookies. 4) Ice cream is also available in pints and tubs from the company. Bubble milk tea gelato, avocado smoothie, onde-onde, chendol, mint chocolate gelato, chocolate fudge cookie, hazelnut gelato, vanilla bean gelato, matcha mochi, tiramisu gelato, vegan dark chocolate, vegan tropical coconut, calamansi sorbet, mango sorbet, acai berry sorbet, and earl grey are among the flavours available. The company currently serves a broad spectrum of customers, from hotels, restaurants and chains, country clubs, independent operators, supermarkets, premium grocers, and caterers in Singapore. The desired outcome for the partnership is for: 1) European partner to distribute the Singapore company's products in major European cities. The partnership can be achieved through a distribution service agreement. 2) A European partner is looking for OEM customisation and for the Singapore company to manufacture the products on their behalf through a manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Singapore company is seeking a European partner in the following: 1) European partner with linkages to cafés, restaurants, and supermarkets in European cities and has the ability to distribute their products throughout Europe. The partnership can be accomplished through distributing service agreements. 2) European partner seeking OEM customisation in the food and beverage industry for ice cream sandwiches, food service tubes, pint-sized ice cream, and ice cream cups. Manufacturing agreements can be used to form the partnership.
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