Singapore soy sauce and other Asian sauce manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore company is a well-known household brand that provides a variety of Asian sauces and is a leading Asian sauces manufacturer throughout Singapore. The company is looking for more European partners to assist them to distribute their products outside of the Singapore market, in order to make their sauces easily available for Asian consumers residing abroad to purchase for consumption.
The Singapore company, founded in 1950, has been manufacturing soy sauce for almost 70 years. Today, the Singapore-based company manufactures and distributes a wide variety of Asian sauces. Their Asian sauces are used for cooking and as dipping condiments by households, as well as by other food companies and catering operations. These sauces are also widely available in Singapore's retail and wholesale marketplaces. The sauces offered includes: 1) Soy sauces which are traditional Chinese flavoured soy sauces, naturally brewed from selected premium soybeans, wheat flour, water, and salt. Different grades of light and dark soy sauces are available to suit the different requirements. 2) Braising sauce. This sauce range is a collection of easy-to-use Chinese culinary sauces made using premium soy sauce. They encapsulate the essence of traditional Chinese stews and marinades. The collection allows for simple stewing, braising, and steaming of chicken, pork, and seafood. Chicken marinade, Chinese braising sauce, seafood soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce are among the products available. 3) Table condiments. This condiments collection is produced from selected agricultural products and may be used to complement any dish on the table as well as during cooking. Crispy chili shrimp floss, crushed salted soybean, ikan bilis chili, preserved soybean, spicy scallop sauce, sweet sauce, and vinegar are all available. 4) Ready-to-cook sauces are prepared from quality ingredients. They are manufactured with cooking convenience and comfort in mind. They provide a quick and easy way to cook meals without losing the genuine flavour of the dish. Barbecue sauce, black bean sauce, black pepper sauce, char shao sauce, Hainanese chicken rice paste, hoisin sauce, hot bean sauce, kung po sauce, lemon sauce, peking duck sauce, plum sauce, satay sauce, stir fried sauce, sweet and sour sauce are among the products available. The Singapore-based company wants to expand its international presence and reach out to more international clients. They aim to form the partnership through a distribution partnership agreement. They are looking for more European partners to distribute the Singapore company's products in major European cities.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Singapore-based company is looking for European partners who have close connections to hypermarkets and supermarkets in major European cities. The partner should be one that distributes Asian food and beverages in European hypermarkets and supermarkets. The partnership is achieved through a distribution service agreement.
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