Singapore storage racking systems provider looking for partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore-based company is a market leader in delivering a comprehensive range of storage solutions to assist businesses in increasing efficiency and productivity. The company is looking for partners to assist them to distribute their products via a distribution service agreement.
The Singapore-based company, which was founded in 1990 and has over 25 years of expertise in providing storage solutions to various industrial sectors. The company products a range of products ranging from (1) automated storage and retrieval systems, (2) workshop storage systems, (3) racking and shelving systems, and (4) vertical farming and cultivation storage system. The company's automated storage and retrieval system are designed to be used in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, and institutions for the automated storage and retrieval of parts and goods. Businesses may increase their business value while boosting performance by implementing automated better-fit storage solutions. Industrial carousels storage system, lean lift storage system, office carousels storage system, metal storage system, shelving, and storage system, mobile robot for warehouse distribution, automatic car parking system, flexible and scalable warehouse automation, and automated tools management system are among the systems available in this category. The workshop system is another form of storage solution offered by the company, and it comprises a workbench, tool cabinet system, flammable cabinet, tool and transport trolley, small parts storage system, tool storage system, and slim fit storage solution. The racking systems in this category provide businesses with flexibility in terms of vertical storage, load capacity, space savings, and cost savings. Racking and shelving systems are available in this category to help with material handling in warehouse operations. Boltless racking system, medium duty racking system, heavy-duty racking system, and mobile shelving are among the products offered. In addition, the company advise, design, produce and installs fully automated vertical farming and cultivation storage systems for farmers specialising in potted plants, cut flowers, tree nurseries, flower bulbs, and vegetables. The Singapore company is looking for potential partners to distribute their products on their behalf as it seeks to expand internationally. A distribution service agreement can be used to form the partnership.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Singaporean company is searching for a suitable partner to assist them in distributing their product to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and wholesale industries, as well as storage facilities. The partner should be familiar with warehouse racking and storage solutions for logistics and supply chain management. They are also searching for distribution partners for their vertical farming and culture storage system that are well connected to farmers and growers specialising in potted plants, cut flowers, tree nurseries, flower bulbs, and vegetables. The distribution service agreement will be used to create the partnership.
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