Singapore supplier of Indian food ingredients seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore-based company is a leading supplier of rice, spices, dried fruits, and nuts to the Singapore market. The company takes pride in sourcing and delivering high-quality products to dining tables. Starting off as a small enterprise, the company has expanded in size and reputation exponentially over the years. The company wants to expand beyond the Singapore market and distribute its products in Europe, thus it is looking for European partners through a distribution service agreement.
The Singapore company, which has almost 80 years of expertise in the Singapore food industry trading sector, was formed in 1936 as a small spice and grocery shop in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of products in the categories of Asian herbs, spices, pulses, lentils, and rice used in Asian cuisine, and additional items such as dried fruits, and nuts are introduced over time to broaden the product offering. The Singapore company imports all of the products from bulk suppliers repackage them into various export sizes and then distributes them to the Singapore food market. They also provide wholesale distribution services and cater to Singapore's restaurants, food manufacturers, food stalls, and supermarkets. Their business activities are classified into four major segments: 1) Trading in agro-commodities 2) Packing of pulses and rice 3) Packing of dry fruits and nuts 4) Grounded spice blends and seasoning The company offers a variety of rice products with a medium glycemic index that is commonly used in Indian cuisine. Basmati rice and ponni rice are among their rice products. They also provide a range of spices that add a distinct flavour to a variety of Asian cuisines. Black pepper, cloves, white pepper, cassia, nutmeg, long pepper, slice turmeric, and mace are among the spices available. Whole pigeon peas, green mung bean, and dhalls are among the beans and dhalls products available. Cashew kernels, almonds, red dates, raw cashew nuts, and betel nuts are among the dried fruits and nuts available. Aside from their local business in Singapore, this Singapore company is always looking for new opportunities and forming new partnerships in other countries such as Europe and many more. The partnership's desired outcome is for the European partner to distribute the Singapore company's products in major European cities. The distribution service agreement will be used to establish the partnership.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Singapore company is seeking a European partner who is well connected to hypermarkets and supermarkets in European cities. The partner should be one that is distributing dry food products in hypermarkets and supermarkets in Europe. The partnership is achieved through distributing service agreements.
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