A Singaporean manufacturer of traditional Chinese food products is looking for European partners through a distribution service agreement

The Singapore company specialises in the manufacture, distribution, and retailing of Chinese frozen food products. The company is a frozen food manufacturer and distributor based in Singapore. They serve a variety of treats, including Japanese mochi and traditional local snacks like Chinese mini buns. The company is interested in selling its products in Europe and is looking for European partners through a distribution service agreement.
This Singapore company's founder is passionate about preserving Chinese traditional culture through the reinvention of food products that have been passed down through generations. With four years of experience since its founding in 2018, the company has strived and achieved its goal by launching its first two products: ‘Bao' or pork-filled buns, the Chinese's second most popular staple after rice, and ‘Tang Yuan' or Riceballs, a must-have dessert to represent family reunion during festivities. Today, the Singapore company offers four frozen product categories, which are as follows: 1) Frozen hakka abacus beads offered are one of the many traditional Hakka dishes that are often served during celebrations. It is also similar to the Chinese version of gnocchi. It is made with taro or purple yam instead of potato. They have a soft, slightly chewy texture and are typically stir-fried with ground meat and dried shrimp. 2) Frozen buns are a type of yeast-leavened filled bun found in a variety of Chinese cuisines. The fillings and preparations vary widely, but the buns are typically steamed. Mantou, a Northern Chinese variation of the bun, is also available. Lotus buns, lotus leaf buns, chocolate buns, pandan buns, plain buns, orange lotus buns, pandan lotus buns, peanut buns, red bean buns, vegetarian char shao buns, vegetable buns, and yam buns are among the many types of buns available. Mantou's flavours include pandan, chocolate, and plain. 3) Frozen glutinous rice balls are Chinese sweet treats made of glutinous rice flour and water, with fillings that typically include peanuts and other sweet fillings that ooze out of mochi-like dumplings skins. The pleasantly gummy texture of the dumpling skins is due to glutinous rice flour, which produces a chewier dough. 4) Japanese mochi offered is an unbaked rice cake made from cooked and pounded glutinous rice that is popular in Japan. The Singapore company offers both traditional flavors made from red beans and exotic flavors made from durian, the king of fruits. The Singapore company is keen to expand internationally and is considering entering the European market through a distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Singapore company is seeking a European partner who is well connected to hypermarkets and supermarkets in European cities. The partner should be one that is distributing Asian food products in hypermarkets and supermarkets in Europe. The partnership is achieved through distributing service agreements.
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Already on the market
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