The Slovak producer of buildings materials by using waste cardboard packaging is looking for distribution services agreement

The Slovak family company has more than 25 years of experience in the recycling business, by utilising waste to manufacture building materials with different characteristics. Specifically, the company turns waste cardboard packaging into a component for their final product which is construction material. The company is looking for new distribution channels in the EU countries, under distribution services agreement.
The family company from Slovakia runs its business in recycling area since 2001. The company produces construction materials from a waste such as construction boards, fire resistant boards, sound resistant boards and different types of panels with thermal insulation function. The company´s products represent so called dry construction and are used indoors as well as outdoors. They are composite products made of waste cardboard packaging and PUR foam. The thickness and density of the PUR foam can vary. With a panel thickness of 12 cm, the panel partition can audibly separate two rooms in the same way as a 20 cm brick partition. Assembly of the products is very simple. The fire resistance is 60 minutes. It can be used for all types of constructions, where common boards are also used. The most suitable constructions are partitions and suspended walls. The weight of the completely assembled partition is four times lower than the weight of the masonry. Also, compared to a masonry partition, it is possible to save up to one third of the costs. These types of products are not recommended for use under static load, mechanical load, for the production of non-load-bearing structures and for the construction of walls that are permanently exposed to humidity. The company has experiences with the sale of products abroad (e.g. England) where the company transports its products and then sells on the local market. The high-pressure equipment the company operates with is able to produce products from a volume of 0.2 m3 up to 2 m3, for different densities of products. Product shapes and thicknesses vary according to the customer's order, even in small series. Distribution services agreement: the company is seeking new construction companies which could buy or sell their final products. The company wants to find suitable companies abroad due to the expansion strategy.
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Distribution services agreement: the company is looking for local construction companies which could buy or sell their final products. The company wants to find suitable companies abroad due to the expansion strategy from any EU country.
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Already on the market
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Certification Standards: • 2001,2002,2003,2004 TOP Technique of protecting environment – Environmental technologies • 2010 Zlatý Mravec, price of waste management • Certified USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) BioPreferred Product • 2012 Iowa Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award • 2012 Iowa Recycling Association’s Murray J. Fox Recycling Award • 2013 Iowa Environmental Impact Award • 2014 Greater Des Moines Partnership Innovation Award
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