Slovak producer of teas and encapsulated food supplements is looking for partners under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

Slovak producer of teas and encapsulated food supplements offers its production and packaging capacity. The company has 20 years of experience in tea packing, stable and experienced staff. The factory ensures also laboratory testing, cutting, and mixing herbs before packing. The company is looking for a business partner with good sales channels in the area of food or pharmacy under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.
The Slovak company, established in 2001, is specializing in tea and encapsulated food supplements production with packaging and also packaging of client’s tea and supplement products. The company has experience with partners from Czech Republic and Hungary. Company provides raw materials - black, green tea, fruit and herbal blends according to partner‘s requirements. The quality of purchased herbs is carefully checked by the quality department. The company also offers special blends with proved taste and quality verified by long-term clients. Encapsulated food supplements are based on herbal extracts. For the supplements hard vegetarian HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) capsules or gelatin capsules are used. The company offers packaging capacities for partners who would like to pack their own tea or supplement products but lack the equipment. The company owns three Italian automatic machines and one Argentinian semiautomatic machine for tea bags packing and a German line for loose teas. Loose tea can be packed in the range of 30g – 300g in to the foil bags and subsequently in paper box or in to the filter paper bags for gastronomic segment. Machines pack standard 20 tea bags in one tea box. Tea bags are packed into envelope for preservation of herbs quality. Paper with crimping system or foil and heat-sealing system is used for tea bag envelope. It is also possible to pack without tea bag envelope. One packing line uses knotting system, two lines use staples and one machine is gluing threat with a tag. Semi-automatic capsule machine is used for packaging of food supplements in the form of dry, powdered extracts. Polishing machine and blistering machine are used for capsules size 0#, 00#. Capsules can be offered in several colors. Company is looking for reliable business partner for long cooperation under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The company would supply tea and/or capsule supplements together with the packaging under manufacturing agreement. Under subcontracting agreement, the company would supply the business partner with the packaging for their own tea and/or capsule supplement products according to their needs.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for European business partner to establish long-term partnership under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. Manufacturing agreement: The company is looking for a partner with developed sales relations in retail, pharmacy or HoReCa sector, willing to expand their portfolio of tea assortment and food supplements. Subcontracting agreement: The company is looking for a producer of tea and food supplements that needs to subcontract the packaging of their production.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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