A Slovenian company specialized in pre-assembling/assembling, quality assessment/inspection and repairs, soldering, punching, intermediate and final packing is looking for subcontracting and manufacturing agreement partners

A Slovenian service and manufacturing company is offering its services in different parts of the production process. The company deals with pre-assemblies and product assemblies. It also does inspection and quality control of semi-finished and finished products, serial punching of smaller parts and soldering, as well as intermediate and final packing in accordance with the client's needs. The company is looking for subcontracting and manufacturing agreement partners.
A Slovenian company services include: - product assembling and pre-assembling (small household appliances, locking systems, electrical industry …), - inspection and quality control of semi-finished and finished products (potential repairs of the products inspected - rubber, plastic, metal ...), - intermediate and final packing, - serial punching of smaller parts, - soldering, - sewing (in accordance with the designs and with materials provided by the client). The company can adjust to various client requirements. The company has extensive experience in cooperative services for various Slovene and foreign companies. The orders are accepted in smaller and larger quantities and long-term strategic business partnership is also welcome. The company is looking for partners to cooperate under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements. Through such partnerships the company would like to strengthen its position in the market by offering services in various parts in production process, either due to increased volume of orders, space constraints, lack of staff or to relieve the burden on its own staff.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
An ideal partner would be another manufacturing company in various fields of work (manufacturing, engineering, health and medical, sewing, locksmithing, toy industries ...) willing to cooperate on the basis of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement The company also expects a potential partner to provide the instructions needed to carry out the manufacturing process up to its standards.
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Already on the market
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